Woodcock hunting with the Fabarm Elos B2 Classic Paradox Gold over-under

We are in the heart of the hunting season and the setting in of cold weather warms up the souls of migratory game bird hunters. It's a chilly December morning when we enter the woods on tiptoe with the ever new hope of seeing our dogs once again standing still in front of the woodcock. We've chosen a medium altitude area where the diverse environment offers food and shelter to woodcocks during the winter. We are hunting in the company of the owner, our friend Luca Ascani, and his setters. During the pleasant day I have the opportunity to try the new Fabarm Elos B2 Classic Paradox Gold over-under, a shotgun now available in 12 gauge with technical features dedicated to hunters who love walked-up hunting and need a light gun that's also handy and in any case suitable for instinctive shooting in the woods. 

Video: Fabarm Elos B2 Classic Paradox

Fabarm Elos B2 Classic Paradox over-under: details

Woodcock hunting with the Fabarm Elos B2 Classic Paradox Gold over-under
In the first Paradox barrel we used Baschieri & Pellagri Mygra cartridges with felt wad and a 34-g load. Ballistic performance was optimal.

Weighing it at just 5 lb 15.2 oz (2.7 kg), the new Fabarm over-under stands out for its elegant, nickel-plated, light-alloy Ergal 55 receiver, finely engraved with floral motifs and gold woodcocks on both sides. The very well-balanced weight allows the hunter to carry the gun without ever suffering from its bulk or suffering fatigue even after hours of walking, which is often the norm when hunting woodcocks. The 24” / 61-cm barrels also contribute to the gun's overall agility. Fabarm is a company that made its barrels a strong point – in this case, too, ballistic performance is optimal. The first barrel to which this over-under owes its name, is a Paradox type, with a rifling at the last 5.9” / 15 cm that produces a wide and full shot pattern at short ranges in the forest. The second barrel is a typical Fabarm Tribore barrel machined by drilling a solid steel block and equipped with a set of internal and interchangeable chokes, depending on the type of hunting and environment. In our case, we have installed a medium-value 3-star choke. 

Hunting with the Fabarm Elos B2 Classic Paradox

To help the hunter to take aim and to optimize the weight, there is a short raised rib with a red fiber optic front sight which is quite bright. The selective single trigger features a checkered and gilded blade that recalls the color of the receiver engravings. The trigger guard is wide and allows for quick swinging in the woods. The pistol-grip stock and the Schnabel forend are made from select European walnut wood and oil finished. Like all Fabarm guns, the Elos Classic B2 Paradox over-under was proof tested at 1630 bars. The hours in the woods with our dogs pass quickly and the day comes to an end, but not without leaving us with the unique emotions that only hunting can offer. The Elos over-under has done its duty, rewarding the dogs' job and giving us the opportunity to talk once again about something that we have tried for you and we always share with you. Enjoy the video. 

For more information on the Elos B2 Classic Paradox over-under please visit the Fabarm website.

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