FABARM: the 12 ga Elos over-under family is growing

Fabarm introduced a subfamily of the now famous Elos 2 series of over-and-under shotguns, presented two years ago: the Classic. it is a small line of hunting guns named “Classic”. It includes three engraved models, all of which are currently chambered in 12/76. 

Fabarm Elos B2 Classic Gold for stalking hunts

The more generic model, called Elos B2 Classic, is dedicated to stalking hunts and is available both with a light alloy or forged steel action. In the latter case, the receiver is nickel-plated with gold-inlaid engravings. 

The Tribore barrels feature interchangeable 5 Inner HP  (hyperbolic profile) chokes.

Fabarm Elos Wetlands Gold for waterfowl hunting 

Fabarm Elos Wetlands Gold, an over-under specifically designed for waterfowl hunting.

We also have a specific model for waterfowl hunting, called “Wetlands”, that is available only with a forged steel action for better stability and accuracy in long-range shots using heavy loads. 

Weight is 116.4 oz / 3300 g with 30” / 76cm barrels, a 0.43” / 11mm rib and Tribore barrels with interchangeable 5 Inner HP chokes. 

The famous Fabarm Tribore HP barrels have always been a guarantee for fast and tight patterns even at medium and long ranges.

Fabarm Elos B2 Classic AL Paradox for woodcock hunting

The Ergal 55 receiver with woodcock-themed engraving and gold inlay on the Fabarm Elos B2 Classic AL Paradox Gold.

The last model, specific for woodcock hunting, is instead available only with a light alloy action that allows for easy swinging and comfort of carrying. It features a Paradox rifled lower barrel for instinctive shots at short range and an upper smoothbore with interchangeable 4 Inner HP chokes. The European walnut stock is oil-finished and weight is just 95.2 oz / 2700 g.

The barrel length for all versions is either 26” / 66 or 30” / 76 cm, except for the woodcock model, which features 24” / 61 cm barrels.

Retail prices start at 1788 euro.

For more information about the new Elos over-under family, please visit Fabarm website.

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