Fabarm L4S Grey Hunter shotgun 

The gas-operated action with long stroke piston has been made even safer, quicker and more functional in the semi-automatic L4S.

Presented a few years ago to the hunting public, the recent Fabarm L4S semi-auto shotgun can be immediately appreciated for the sharp feeling of sturdiness when holding it as is Fabarm’s tradition, but with particular attention paid to the gun balance and to its finish, especially in the Deluxe version and in the gray satin one - the Gray Hunter version that we had the chance to try.

The four models of the Fabarm L4S semi-auto

Fabarm’s L4S semi-auto shotgun range actually consists of 4 models, the Initial Hunter basic model, the Black Hunter model with black finish, the Gray Hunter version that we are about to test and the top-of-the-range Deluxe Hunter, the most sought after version featuring even more accurate engravings and gold inlays.

The latest generation of Fabarm gas-operated action remains the same, with a long-stroke piston complete with an elastomer insert for a correct and quick cycling of the shotgun that’s capable of firing loads ranging from 24 to 56 grams. In fact, we are dealing with a 12 gauge gun with a 76 mm magnum chamber.

Fabarm L4S: technical and aesthetic features

The  Fabarm L4S semi-automatic shotgun stands out for its new rounded design, enriched with engravings on the particular gray anodized receiver.

There are many technical and aesthetic features that make the Fabarm L4S semi-auto shotgun pleasing to the eye and reliable when hunting. In fact, the lines were redesigned by Fabarm designers who rounded the curves and lowered the body line completing an overall harmony of shapes.

The fore-end and receiver junction has also been redesigned to prevent any wiggle of the wood parts. The cap that allows the quick disassembly of the gun remains attached to the fore-end for a quick and safe gun check even in the field without the risk of losing any part. The cap no longer has a structural closing function; the barrel has a mechanical stopper, consisting of a cap with a red-colored metal ring that weighs only 23 grams.

The thermal anodization treatment on the gray receiver, besides protecting the weapon from external agents, gives an original look to a perfectly recognizable shotgun, with a color similar to steel, but different from the classic nickel-plating. The laser engravings portraying ducks in flight and floral motifs on the right side and pheasants on the left side of the receiver are exquisite. The four 11 mm Weaver rails on the receiver sight line allows for the mounting of optics, which is useful in driven hunting. The barrels are Fabarm's famous Tribore HP type, machined from solid blocks with a particular internal geometry that does not affect the round shape of pellets, guaranteeing accurate and even-distributed patterns even at medium and long ranges. The barrels are available in 4 different lengths (61-66-71 and 76 cm) and are equipped with internal and interchangeable 82 mm chokes and steel receiver, which means that they can be used with cartridges loaded with alloys other than lead. Like every Fabarm rifle, the L4S semi-auto is proof-tested at 1630 bar.

The Fabarm L4S comes with a kit of 5 internal and interchangeable chokes that can be used with loads with special alloy pellets.

The semi-Luxe select walnut stock is elegant thanks to its matt oil finish. The stock features a wide and comfortable pistol grip for an easier purchase for instinctive shots, while the fore-end is slender and rounded. Grip checkering is excellent and firing comfort is perfect thanks to the system of operation and the 12 mm rubber pad. The weight of the Fabarm L4S is low thanks to the receiver in Ergal 55 and ranges from 2.8 to 3 kg depending on the barrel length, but is still average especially considering the good distribution of weights in a gun that for comfort and performance is an excellent solution to be used with satisfaction both in driven and stalking hunts.

The stability when firing second shots is in fact surprising: the shotgun remains aimed, a fundamental characteristic both for point shooting and in particular when shooting at longer ranges. It must be remembered that the name of the L4S model, besides its lightness, comes from its 4-round capacity (where allowed by law), with the possibility of a further version named Maxi with a magazine extension that increases the shotgun capacity up to 8 rounds.

Last but not least, the excellent quality/price ratio of the L4S semiauto, which in the Gray Hunter version is 1.488 euro including VAT, complete with a shockproof thermoformed synthetic material case.

For more information on the L4S semi-automatic please visit Fabarm website.

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