FABARM Autumn: the 20-ga side-by-side shotgun most appreciated by American hunters now comes to Europe

A good compromise between elegance and substance is always necessary to ensure that a shotgun is appreciated by the pragmatic and versatile American hunters. There are many reasons for this – the variety of environments and wildlife in the USA and the resulting possibility of practicing different types of walked-up and still hunting, require guns that can ensure good ballistic performance in the face of variable loads and situations. If we add to this the aesthetic care of a particular design in the engravings and the finish, here are explained the reasons of the recent success of the FABARM Autumn 20-gauge shotgun in the USA since its introduction in 2020.

Features of the FABARM Autumn shotgun

The receiver of the FABARM Autumn shotgun
The receiver of the FABARM Autumn shotgun is machined from solid steel, with a four-lug locking system that ensures strength and stability when firing.

Machined from solid forged steel, the receiver of the Autumn shotgun is not only strong but also pleasant thanks to the Tenifer finish, a particular color-case hardening whose light-and-shadow effects enhance the floral engraving on the sides and bottom of the receiver.

Perfectly recognizable in this version, the receiver of the Autumn shotgun houses a mechanism system similar to the already known FABARM Classis shotgun. Here too we find a four-lug locking system that provides ensures a very strong lock-up and stability when firing. The trigger is single-selective, but a double trigger version is available upon request. The barrels – available in 24”/66, 28”/71 and 30”/76 cm lengths – provide a wide versatility in different types of hunting and environments. They are the famous FABARM-made Tribore HP barrels with long 3.22”/82-mm Inner HP internal and interchangeable chokes. It is worth spending a few words on these fundamental components.

FABARM Tribore HP barrels 

Emblem of a tradition that boasts years of experience, the Tribore barrels made by FABARM feature a geometry that allows you to take full advantage of the potential and characteristics of modern loadings. The difference obviously starts from the inside, from the Tribore bore that rather than being cylindrical as in most traditional barrels, has three well-defined areas: a first section with a long over-bored are that provides a reduction in shot friction and lower felt recoil.

The second section of the barrel is an elongated conical area that uses the Venturi tube principle to increase shot velocity because it goes from a larger diameter to a smaller diameter. The last section is represented by a choke or an interchangeable HP hyperbolic choke – also patented and featuring an internal geometry that allows lower shot friction, especially in the periphery, increasing and improving performance in terms of pattern and terminal ballistics. In the case of the Autumn shotgun, the classic lines of the gun are coupled to barrels fitted with a set of these interchangeable chokes, capable of achieving the full results that modern firearms and cartridges offer.

Stock and forend

The stock of the Autumn shotgun is available in the English or pistol grip versions. The forend size may also vary according to the hunter's taste, who can request the thin or half-beaver design. The wood used, oil-finished select European walnut, is available in Elite or Prestige grades.

The length of the stock is 14.44”/367 mm and at the drop at comb is 1.45”/37 mm. The total weight of the new FABARM Autumn shotgun varies according to barrel length, remaining in any case in the standard values of a 20-ga, between 5.9 and 6.1 lb (2.7-2.8 kg).

Full view of the FABARM Autumn
Full view of the FABARM Autumn side by side.

The shotgun comes from FABARM in an integral case and is offered at a price ranging from 3560 to 3620 euro.

FABARM Autumn shotgun specs and price

Tribore HD 

5 Inner HP

Select European walnut 
5 years
from 3560 to 3620 euro (prices may vary in your country)

For more information on the Autumn shotgun please visit the FABARM website.

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