FABARM Elos N2 Sporting AS

The Elos N2 Sporting AS is the last FABARM over-under shotgun of the Elos line. It is chambered for the 12/76 Magnum gauge and sports a 27.9-29-9 in / 71 - 76 cm lightened sporting barrel, on which there is an 11/8 mm conical rib.

Technical features of the FABARM Elos N2 Sporting AS rifle

There are four external chokes, 97 mm long and with a hyperbolic tube profile; these are classified according to the distance of engagement and guarantee tight pattern groups also at the longest ranges. In addition, the trapezoidal thread and the extreme precision between the barrel and the choke eliminate the accumulation of residues and allow easy disassembly even after many shots.

The receiver is made from a billet of forged steel. It features modern engravings with two-tone logos.

The trigger has been specially developed for sporting disciplines with weight of 3.5 – 3.9 lbs /1.6 - 1.8 kg, while its position can be adjusted via a simple torx key.

The stock, which has a lacquered finish for a better smoothness and durability over time, has an interchangeable butt pad and the adjustable Micro-Metric 3D nosepiece for a perfect adjustment thanks to the threaded supports and movable inserts.

Finally, the barrels are tested at a pressure of 1630 bars and are of the Tribore Hp model, designed to reduce friction with pellets and guarantee a more uniform speed and concentrated patterns.

The weight is 7.7 lbs / 3.5 kg, while the retail price is set at 2140 euros (about 2630 USD).

For more information about the new Elos N2 Sporting AS over-under shotgun, please visit FABARM website. 

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