Sabatti MRR Bullets: 3 new monolithic copper bullets for hunting, shooting and long-range for reloading

Ammunition set up with MRR Bullets Green Hunting and Green Sport
Ammunition set up with MRR Bullets Green Hunting and Green Sport, with Vihtavuori 135 powder and Norma cartridge cases.  

Sabatti introduced its range of lead-free copper MRR Bullets for ammunition reloading at the HIT Show in 2020 in Italy, initially available only for .30 caliber rounds. Since then, the manufacturer expanded its range with additional calibers and versions to address specific requirements, i.e. for long distance shooting or for use in ranges where only open tip bullets are allowed. The MRR Bullets, which, as the name suggests, were designed expressly to enhance the properties of the Sabatti multi-radial rifling, have proved to be exceptional even with traditional rifling; what's more, and this should not be underestimated, the pure electrolytic copper construction is a considerable advantage when hunting in all those areas where the use of lead-free "green" ammunition is mandatory.

MRR Bullets are supplied in 50 pieces 
MRR Bullets are supplied in 50-piece cardboard boxes. 

Every single bullet is individually built by CNC precision turning from a solid bar of pure electrolytic copper, with machining tolerances of three thousandths of a millimeter (that is 0.00012”!); this is an absolute level of precision, and just to make an example, it is necessary to keep the machines and stock being processed in a temperature range controlled to a tenth of a degree to guarantee these tolerances.

The bullet itself has a patented geometry for the design of the four driving band and the profile, helping to greatly reduce friction and deformation of the projectile due to the rifling in the barrel, which improves muzzle velocity and ballistic accuracy.

Today, different bullet weights are available with three specific uses: Green Hunting, Green Sport and Green Long Range, for sport shooting and long distance competitions.

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Sabatti MRR Green Hunting bullet

The Green Hunting bullet is available in four calibers: a 123-grain 6.5 mm/.264 bullet, a 120-grain .270 bullet, a 133-grain 7 mm/.284 bullet and the classic .30/7.62mm with 152- and 167-grain bullets.  This is a hunting expansion bullet, that features a polymer tip and four priming cuts that allow for controlled, four-petal expansion; its main characteristic is that it does not fragment at impact, with excellent weight retention and stopping power, thanks to the great malleability of the electrolytic copper used.

In spite of its hunting destination, Green Hunting bullets offer excellent ballistic coefficients, from .410 up to .450 G1 with unprecedented levels of accuracy at all ranges, making it the ideal reloading bullet for long range hunting.

a 152-grain MRR Bullets Green Hunting projectile
The finished, loaded .308 Winchester caliber round with a 152-grain MRR Bullets Green Hunting projectile. 
MRR Bullets: hunting and shooting monolithic copper bullets 
The OAL of our 152 grain Bullets Green Hunting MRR reloaded round is 72mm, to allow reliable feeding from the magazine of our ST18.

Sabatti MRR Green Sport bullet

Then we have the Green Sport bullets: these are Spitzer Boat Tail projectiles created for sport shooting within 400 meters. Green Sport is only available for .30 caliber at this time (but other calibers are going to be available soon), in two versions, 152 and 158 grains: the 158 grain bullet has an HPBT configuration, with an open tip that allows its use in shooting ranges that only allow these bullets. Ballistic coefficient is .435 and .440 G1 respectively. 

MRR Bullets Green Long Range projectile
This, on the other hand, is a loaded round with a 160-grain MRR Bullets Green Long Range projectile. The cartridge case is always from Norma.

Sabatti MRR Green Long Range bullet

Finally, the MRR Bullets Green Long Range, also limited to .30 caliber and available in two weights, 160 and 176 grains with really interesting BC, .450 and well .500 G1, for best performance at longer distances.

Certainly, MRR Bullets are not the "cheapest" reloading bullets on the market, as MSRP in EU goes from about 53 euros all the way up to 67 euros per box of 50; however, Sabatti uses copper, that is sometimes also known as "red gold" for a reason, and that is the high cost of the raw material.

A cartridge loaded with 152 grain MRR Bullets Green Hunting projectile
A cartridge loaded with 152 grain MRR Bullets Green Hunting projectile ready to be chambered in our Sabatti ST-18 rifle.

We will feature a field test of Sabatti’s MRR Bullets soon, so stay tuned to

For more information about MRR bullets please visit the special MRR Bullets page on the Internet. You can find more information about Sabatti's weapons here on the Sabatti website.

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