Test: Noblex NR 1000, the compact rangefinder for hunters

The optics manufacturer Noblex dared to make a new start at the end of 2020 in difficult Corona times and has since been called Noblex E-Optics. In the small German town of Eisfeld, the company is optimistic about the future, as can also be seen in the steadily growing product portfolio. One of the new products – already introduced at the beginning of 2020 at the major trade fairs before Corona – is the rangefinder NR 1000. The name simply stands for Noblex Rangefinder and the number refers to the operating range of 1000 meters. We were able to put the NR 1000 to the test. But before that, we had to take a closer look at the device in terms of workmanship and operation.

First impression of the Noblex NR 1000: 160 grams are really light!

The NR 1000 weighs just 5.6 oz/160 grams and its dimensions fit very well in the hand – /3.78”/96 mm long, 2.95”/75 mm wide. Two buttons on the top are for easy operation. The field of view is 126 meters at 1000 meters and the 6x magnification ensures accurate detection of objects. The measurement result is projected by means of a red OLED display. With two buttons on the top, everything is easy to operate. The user can switch between yards and meters. Four different modes can be selected: Standard, Rain, Golf (short distance) and Hunting (long distance). On top of that, the Noblex NR 1000 also offers a scan mode where the measurement is always updated depending on the movement of the device. However, these are just a few of the core features of the device. More importantly, how does it perform in practice?

Noblex NR 1000 specs and price

Noblex NR 1000
349 euro (price may vary in your country)
Objective Aperture ∅: 
21 mm
Laser Class: 
Measurement Accuracy: 
±1 m
Exit Pupil ∅: 
3.3 mm
Twilight power: 
Measuring Range (m): 
5 - 1,000
Field of View (m/1,000 m): 
5.67 oz/161 g

We tested the NR 1000 rangefinder in the field

Noblex NR 1000 in one hand
Small, compact and powerful: this is what the Noblex rangefinder looks like – and it convinced in practical use too.

For a practical impression, we went out into the field, or more precisely, into a field area. The distances were known. Trees and bushes were arranged. The distances were right. When the first deer came out, the rangefinder showed the distance with pin-sharp precision after a minimum of measuring time – in standard mode. Things were a bit more difficult when the first fox came trotting up at a distance of over 300 meters. However, the problem was not the device, but the unsteady hand of the tester. But Reynard the Fox  proved to be a grateful test object, because it came closer, moved away and so on. Even as the light dimmed visibly, the device showed the distances clearly with the red display. However, the rifle remained cold that evening. The fox decided to go another way, but the rangefinder was fully convincing.

Noblex NR 1000: test conclusion 

The tested rangefinder from Noblex impresses with its easy operation and high-quality workmanship. Above all, it fits in almost any pocket with its compact design and its weight is hardly worth mentioning. There are certainly cheaper models from the Far East, but these do not have the red, very easy to read OLED display, which is unparalleled in this price range. The ability to switch between yards and meters is a nice addition for the international market. Most importantly, measurements are accurate and fast. The different modes are easy to select. Especially for shooting at longer ranges, the Noblex NR 1000 is a useful addition. But also for outdoor activities and other purposes, the rangefinder from Noblex is very suitable. In our opinion, the price is fully acceptable.

For more information about the NR 1000 please visit the Noblex E-Optics website.

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