Noblex new products for 2020: NR 1000 Rangefinder, NS 8-24x50 ED spotting scope and NW 100 dual-use thermal imaging camera

Noblex NR 100 rangefinder

The compact Noblex NR 100 rangefinder weighs only 161 g.

The German optics manufacturer Noblex presented its new rangefinder at the SHOT Show 2020. The designation is NR 1000, which stands for "Noblex Rangefinder" in connection with the 1000 m range. An OLED display, a measuring range from 5 to 1000 m, high measuring accuracy (+/- 1%), 6x magnification, 126-m field of view at 1000 m, a weight of 5.67 oz / 161 g (length: 96 mm; width: 75 mm) and other specifications make the device a first-class companion for hunting, hiking or other activities. 

We were able to put it through its first small test at the SHOT Show. With 2 buttons on the upper side everything is easy to use. The user can switch between yards and meters. 4 modes can be selected: Standard, Rain, Short Range and Long Range. In addition, the Noblex NR 1000 offers a scan mode where the measurement is always updated according to the movement of the device.

Noblex NS 8-24x50 ED mini spotting scope

We could already appreciate the sharp images offered by the NOBLEX NS 8-24x50 ED during the SHOT Show 2020.

At the SHOT Show 2020 there was another novelty: a mini spotting scope that is perfectly suited for hunting or rangefinding. One thing in particular stands out – its compactness combined with optical quality. Thanks to the use of ED lenses with broadband anti-reflection coating, the spotting scope has a colour-rich and high-contrast image as well as high transmission. The device is also suitable for eyeglass wearers and is splash-proof. The magnification ranges from 8x to 24x and the field of view varies from 88 to 42 m at 100 m. 

The dimensions are also impressive: 60 mm wide, 176 mm long and 118 mm high. Plus, weight is just 18.69 oz / 530 g. Diopter compensation is +/- 6 dpt. Due to its low weight, the device can be used hand-held or mounted on a standard photo tripod using the existing ¼ connection thread. It also features an eyepiece connection thread. With an adapter it is also suitable for digiscoping. We were also able to take a panoramic view of the show and were delighted with the sharpness of the image and the low weight.

Noblex NW 100 dual-use thermal imaging camera

The team of was one of the first media representatives to have an exclusive first look at the new Noblex NW 100 thermal imaging device in September 2019. At that time, we presented the device born from a cooperation between the optics manufacturer Heimdall and Noblex as Heimdall Fokus. Now it is called NW 100 and Hubert Bodächtel from Noblex tells us in our video what the 4495-euro thermal imaging device can do.

More information about the new products can be found on the Noblex website.

We have reported about the details of the Noblex NW 100 / Heimdall Fokus here.

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