Premiere: Noblex NZ8 2.5-20x50 inception – A hybrid riflescope for hunters and long-range shooters

The aluminum body of the Noblex NZ8 2.5-20x50 inception has a 34 mm center tube and is reinforced in the lens area for clip-on attachment.

Manufacturer Noblex calls the all-rounder NZ8 2.5-20x50 inception hunting scope "a true hybrid riflescope, as it is also perfect for sport shooting". We at have also already had the opportunity to fire a few shots with a long-range rifle fitted with the brand new NZ8 2.5-20x50 inception. Our first impression of the new Noblex glass was thoroughly positive. 

Unlike the previous models in the inception series, the NZ8 has a main tube diameter of 34 mm. The resulting elevation adjustment range of 320 cm at a distance of 100 m is intended to enable safe shots at targets at a distance of up to 2,000 m, especially in sporting long-range shooting, and this even without a special tilted mount. Long-range shooters are also supported in such extremely long shots by the new elevation adjustment with up to three turn, which ensures fast and precise adjustments of the reticle even at long ranges. The elevation adjustment turret works with easy-to-read as well as cleanly felt "clicks" and can be zero stop adjusted. For the hunter who only wants to use the NZ8 at short to medium ranges, there is also the option of fixing the elevation adjustment range to just one turn.

Advantages of the MHR reticle of the Noblex NZ8 2.5-20x50 inception

The graphic illustrates the filigree design of the MHR-FFP reticle of the NZ8 2.5-20x50 inception, newly developed by Noblex, at lowest (l.) and highest magnification.

The new MHR reticle is in the 1st image plane and offers the shooter multiple possibilities to measure or estimate important parameters basing on reticle subtentions. Due to the positioning on the 1st image plane, there are no problems here with the point of impact shift after magnification changes, which occurs in comparable models with reticles in the 2nd image plane due to the design. In contrast to previously used reticles in the 1st image plane, in which large areas of the target were often obscured by the co-magnifying reticle, the MHR reticle of the new NZ8 is now so filigree that it hardly obscures the aimed object even at maximum magnification. At low magnification, it resembles a Plex reticle with fine crosshairs in the center. At high magnification, the additional MRAD markings become clearly visible and help the sporting shooter fully exploit the potential. For quick magnification changes, the new NZ8 also has a lever on the magnification ring, which has been lengthened again compared to the previous inception models, so that it can be operated very easily even with gloves.

The left turret of the Noblex NZ8 2.5-20x50 inception houses the battery compartment and the reticle illumination control, as well as the parallax adjustment ring.

In the left turret of the NZ8, Noblex has integrated the parallax adjustment in addition to the dimming and the battery compartment for reticle illumination. Especially when using night vision or thermal imaging devices, these additional devices can thus be more easily adjusted to the appropriate shooting distance. In addition, the parallax adjustment is of course an indispensable feature for long-range shooting. For the matte black hard-anodized housing of the NZ8, Noblex uses a special aluminum alloy that is also used in aerospace or aircraft construction. Especially for attaching clip-ons, Noblex has additionally reinforced the lens housing. This also allows thermal imaging or attachment devices with a suitable internal thread to be mounted on the riflescope without an additional adapter.

Included are flip-up covers to protect the objective and eyepiece lens. For the "1st Edition" of the NZ8, Noblex also adds a lens hood and a honeycomb filter (Kill Flash), which should especially please long-range shooters, but also the hunter who wants to hunt at longer distances. Noblex offers a 10-year warranty on the new NZ8 inception. The riflescope is scheduled to be delivered to authorized dealers before the end of November 2022 and will be available shortly at an RRP of €1,499.

Noblex NZ8 2.5-20x50 inception specs and price

 Noblex NZ8 2,5-20x50 inception
Price (RRP in Germany):
1,499 euro 
Objective Lens:
50 mm
2.5x to 20x
Click Adjustment (at 100 m; Windage, Elevation):
0.1 MIL (1 cm) 
Main Tube Diameter:
 34 mm
Parallax Compensation:
10 m to ∞
Field of View (at 100 m):
 2.2 m to 14 m
Elevation Adjustment Range (at 100 m):
320 cm 
Windage Adjustment Range (at 100 m):
300 cm 
Diopter Compensation:
-3 to +2 dpt
Overall Length:
 372 mm
 815 g

For more information please visit the Noblex website.

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