From Noblex E-Optics, a compact binocular with laser rangefinder at an introductory price of less than 1,100 euro: the Noblex E-Optics NF 10x42 R advanced

Noblex E-Optics is known as an optics specialist with a full range of products: In addition to binoculars for hunting and maritime applications and for bird watching, the catalog also includes spotting scopes, red dot sights, riflescopes, thermal imaging devices and much more. Now the manufacturer is coming up trumps with new premium binoculars: the NR 10x42 R advanced. As can be deduced from the model name, they came with a relatively high 10x magnification and 42 mm objective lenses. Yet they remain relatively compact, despite the built-in laser rangefinder. The brightness-adjustable OLED display is particularly noteworthy. This feature is usually only found in premium models, such as those from Swarovski, but they play in a completely different price league. Why is this feature important? Because you can see the distance display very well on a dark background, as it happens when hunting in the twilight. Other manufacturers use simple LED indicators here, which are not nearly as visible. As we have learned "from well-informed circles", the Noblex binoculars should also cost at least 1,300 euros after the introductory phase.

Features of the Noblex NF 10x42 R advanced binoculars

the Noblex E-Optics NF 10x42 R advanced
For eyeglass wearers, the eyecups of the Noblex E-Optics NF 10x42 R advanced can be twisted out.

Externally, the dimensions of the NF 10x42 R advanced are 7.48” in width and 5.51” in height (19 cm x14 cm). Total weight is 34.5 oz/980 grams. Noblex E-Optics has packed quite a bit of optics and technology into this compact housing. In addition to the large field of view, the manufacturer's focus is on a high-contrast and sharp image, from the center to the edges. Even eyeglass wearers can experience this without any problems, because the eyecups of the eyepieces can be turned out accordingly. In addition to the optics, there are also electronics in the 10x42 R, namely the rangefinder. 

According to Noblex, this works up to a distance of 2,300 meters, at least when measuring on reflective surfaces. When used on game, the range of operation is said to be up to 1,200 meters. Technically, an eye-safe Class 1 laser is used. It ensures a measurement accuracy of one meter. The overall system is said to require 0.3 seconds for the measurement.

the Noblex E-Optics NF 10x42 R advanced view
In addition to the compact housing, the Noblex E-Optics NF 10x42 R advanced is supposed to be easy to use: there are only two buttons.

Operation of the Noblex E-Optics NF 10x42 R advanced

The Noblex E-Optics NF 10x42 R advanced measurements
The Noblex E-Optics NF 10x42 R advanced measurements are displayed in the field of view with the help of an OLED display.

According to the manufacturer, the engineers were particularly concerned with ease of operation when developing the new binoculars. That's why they deliberately did without a comprehensive control panel – the 10x42 R advanced comes with just two buttons. However, this has not prevented the team from giving the binoculars many options: for example, they have a choice of different measurement methods that, thanks to an algorithm, are designed to ensure reliable distance determination even under difficult conditions. Examples include light rain or fog. In addition, angle measurement is also on board, especially for hunting in the mountains. Here, the direct distance is not measured, but the deviation due to the angle is taken into account in the measurement. It is also possible to select whether the measurement should be continuous. This is useful for moving objects, for example.

The NF 10x42 R then displays the determined values on an OLED display that is mirrored in the center of the field of view. To ensure that the values can be read regardless of the background, the user can choose between six different brightness levels.

The new Noblex NF 10x42 R advanced binoculars with rangefinder are already available from specialist retailers for an introductory price of just €1,099. In addition to the binoculars themselves, the package also includes a neoprene carrying strap and a Cordura pouch. Compared to the models from Leica Geovid (10x42 R at a price of €1,899), or Zeiss Victory RF (10x42 at a price of €3,099), this is really interesting. What the new Noblex binoculars with laser rangefinder can actually do, we will find out shortly in a field test.

Noblex NF 10x42 R advanced specs and price

Noblex E-Optics NF 10x42 R advanced
Objective Aperture: 
42 mm
Field of View (at 1000 m):105 m
Close Range:5.0 m
Exit Pupil:42 mm
Exit Pupil Longitudinal Distance:16 mm
Diopter Compensation:±5.0 dpt
Twilight Performance:20.5
Waterproof:IPX7 (ISO 20653)
Laser Class:1
Measuring Range:

5-2.300 m

Readout Accuracy:± 1 m
Measurement Accuracy:± 0.1 %
Angle Measuring Device:± 90°
Measurement Accuracy:1.0°
Angle Measurement Resolution:0.5°
Operating Temperature Range:-20°C to +40°C
Dimensions:190x140 mm
Weight:34.5 oz/980 g
Price:1,099 euro (introductory price until March 2022)

For more information on the new NF 10x42 R advanced and other optics please visit the Noblex E-Optics website.

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