Rheinmetall “Variable Tactical Aiming Lasers” for the German Army
Germany’s procurement authority has awarded Rheinmetall a contract to supply 1,745 laser light package sets for the
Firearms Guide, all you need to know about guns
Impressum Media introduces the 9th Edition of its guide: with 73,000 antique and modern guns and ammo, 1,110 manufa
Match Report: French IPSC Rifle Championship 2018
Châteauroux in France hosted the French IPSC Rifle Championship 2018 from July 5–8. Besides reporting for all4shoot
The Game Fair 2018: the Great British Countryside in all its glory
07/26/2018 - From July 27th to 29th the world’s largest countryside show will take place in UK with around 1000 exhibitors – fro
The Shooter's Talk - Armed citizens in Israel: a solution, not a threat?
Israel is a country that has been facing terrorism and violence for many decades. Yet, Israeli regulations about gu
Rachel Carrie, a lady hunter and clay shooter
Rachel Carrie was eight when she started hunting with her father, they flew a hawk, kept ferrets and worked a pack

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