Fiocchi Munizioni: what's happening?Change of ownership or new partner?
For some days, news is circulating about the possible change of ownership for Fiocchi Company, the largest Italian
XI Military History Festival in Pivka
Over 5,000 viewers attended the reenactment of the historic encounter between US and Soviet troops on the Elbe Rive
The Tactical Corner – The “round in chamber” dilemma
Some people think that having a semi-auto in “Condition One” – gun loaded, hammer cocked, safety on – is dangerous.
Beretta presents the Paralympic Shooting Team
On Monday, October 2, from the Trap Concaverde shooting field, the athletes of the Beretta Team began their journey
The Tactical Corner: How to salvage guns and ammo in case of flooding
Is there any way to save firearms that have been submerged? Is it safe to use ammo salvaged from water? The Sportin
After the “Gun Ban”, an EU “Lead Ammo Ban”?
Is the EU trying to grab weapons from the hand of law-abiding citizens again? The restriction proposed by Brussels

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