Eurosatory 2024: what can we expect at the security trade fair in Paris?

The exhibition director, General Charles Beaudouin, is satisfied with the figures known so far for this year's Eurosatory, with over 2,000 international exhibitors from 45 countries according to the exhibitor list. A large supporting program with countless specialist conferences on current topics such as "drones and drone defence" or "climate change and its impact on military operations", as well as live demonstrations and a dedicated TV format with daily news, round off the trade fair. Among the participating companies, you will of course discover well-known "big players" in the security industry such as: Aimpoint, BDT - Beretta Defense Technologies, CZ, FN Herstal, GLOCK, Heckler & Koch, Rheinmetall, Sako, SIG Sauer, Steiner Optik and Steyr.

Premiere at Eurosatory 2024: new FN Minimi Mk3 and Evolys variants

As part of our reporting on the Enforce Tac, we looked at the role of the machine gun on the modern battlefield in 2024.

The FN Minimi Mk3, here in 7.62x51, with the new "long rail feed cover" is one of the current exhibits on show at Eurosatory 2024.

As is already known, Belgian defence contractor FN Herstal, for example, will be presenting a new version of the legendary Minimi machine gun. The company plays a leading role in this field and recently surprised experts with the ultra-lightweight "Evolys" machine gun chambered in 5.56x45mm or 7.62x51mm (see more on this below). The world's most popular light machine gun Minimi in 5.56x45 and 7.62x51mm NATO is now being offered with a modified feed cover with an extended optics mounting rail in response to user requests, allowing it to be fitted with several optics in line. For example, it is now possible to mount a red dot sight with magnifier, or a day optic with a night vision optic, which can be a decisive advantage in combat conditions (day and night combat capability). The standard adjustable rear iron sight has been replaced by a flip-up non-adjustable rear sight for back-up use. When open, the cover is held in place by a retaining latch to counter for the weight of additional optics during loading, unloading and any clearing actions. 

An M4-type buttstock and a stronger bipod: some of the FN Evolys ultralight machine gun's new improved features.

Speaking of the Evolys, in Paris FN will also display the latest iteration with some modified features based on feedback from in-depth testing by potential customers during their own evaluation. 

These include an M4 type buttstock with adjustable length of pull (6 positions) and interchangeable cheek rest (2 heights), and the optional bipod featuring stronger aluminum legs and a reinforced attachment interface providing a more stable and robust support. 

More information can be found on the FN Herstal website.

Premiere at E2024: Mehler Systems with UF PRO P-40

Discreet in an urban environment: new UF PRO P-40 jeans for work and leisure.

When it comes to personal equipment, the right clothing for every mission in all climatic conditions is also a decisive factor. The German company Mehler Systems with Mehler Protection, Lindnerhof and UF PRO will be showcasing the new UF PRO P-40 Blu-Flex Tactical Jeans from Slovenia at Eurosatory 2024. They are ideal for both covert operations and casual leisure wear. Thanks to the blend of cotton and elastane, the stretchy P-40 jeans offer the necessary freedom of movement for all activities. In addition, the trousers in the dark indigo look have extras such as 3D pad reinforcement in the rear back area for comfort when wearing equipment on a belt, slit pockets in the knee area for compatibility with the UF PRO 3D knee pads and robust pockets with plenty of storage space for all the necessary items you need to take with you. Further information can be found on the Mehler Systems website and in the brand's online shop.

Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT): one stand for Beretta, Benelli, Sako, RWS, Swiss P, Norma, MFS, Steiner and Centanex

Also at the BDT stand: the new Steiner TS740 spotting scope.

At 260 square meters, the new BDT stand will be one of the largest at Eurosatory 2024. The new combination of weapons, optics and ammunition will be presented in Hall 6, E 177. BDT will be there with the companies , Benelli, Sako, Swiss P, RWS, Norma, MFS, Steiner and Centanex. You can marvel at a whole range of highlights from Beretta Holding's LE/military world, some of which are already familiar, but also some new ones. For example, the Beretta NARP assault rifle already presented by at DSEI 2023, or the technologically innovative HCT hybrid case ammunition from the Swiss manufacturer Swiss P Defence AG from Thun, which we presented for the first time at Enforce Tac 2024. Incidentally, the traditional Swedish manufacturer Norma Precision AB is now also increasingly entering the military/LE market with "Norma Governmental" and has, for example, concluded contracts with the Swedish army for the supply of ammunition. Benelli is famous for its ultra-modern, reliable semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns, which also enjoy a high reputation in the security industry. As is well known, drones are becoming increasingly important in modern, asymmetric conflicts, and so are anti-drone tools. It is therefore hardly surprising that Benelli will be presenting "anti-drone shotguns" with optics and special ammunition from Ammotec Group tailored to this area of application at Eurosatory 2024. 

Steiner Optik from Bayreuth will be presenting the TS740 spotting scope, the M830rc X LRF binoculars with integrated laser rangefinder and the M8Xi 1-8x24 Dual focal plane riflescope. We have already covered the compact TS740 spotting scope weighing around 800 grams with variable 7x to 40x magnification and 60 mm objective lens in the Enforce Tac 2024 report. The M830rc X LRF binoculars with floating lens system are designed for maximum robustness and durability under all operating conditions and have an extremely powerful laser for precise distance measurements at ranges of up to 10 km. Other features include an integrated inclination sensor and a digital compass. The Steiner M830rc X LRF is compatible with additional devices such as the smart Garmin Tactix 7 GPS wristwatch or the Steiner Connect app.

Two Beretta New Assault Rifle Platform (NARP) assault rifles in 5.56x45 mm. One is the variant with 11.5" barrel length and the other with 14.5" barrel. Mounted are Steiner Ranger telescopic sight, Steiner MPS red dot sight and Steiner DBAL-A3 laser sight.
The Steiner M8Xi 1-8x24 Dual Focal Plane serves as an optic for dynamic application scenarios incuding DMR tasks.

The compact LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) Steiner M8Xi 1-8x24 Dual Focal Plane riflescope with 34-mm main tube diameter weighs only 650 grams and has an illuminated dot with horseshoe at 1.1x magnification for the most dynamic CQB scenarios at close range. For Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) tasks, a Fineplex reticle is available at 8x maximum magnification for accurate work at medium ranges even in changing conditions (wind). Thanks to its compact design with an overall length of just 260 mm, the riflescope can be combined perfectly with additional equipment (thermal/night vision). The 1 cm/0.1 MRAD click adjustment and an overall adjustment range of 90 cm/30.9 MOA at 100 m (elevation) and 40 cm/13.75 MOA at 100 m (windage) as well as eleven light intensity settings for the reticles are among the many other features of this interesting riflescope. You can find more information on the BDT website.

Last but not least, Centanex products will also be presented at the BDT stand at Eurosatory. GMK Ltd, the British distributor of Beretta, has also been representing the Centanex product range for over 5 years. Beretta Holding is now the majority shareholder of Centanex. The products presented are mainly flash bangs, smoke grenades and other pyrotechnic training devices used by the British police and some departments of the Ministry of Defense.

Sako TRG 62 A1: launch of the new long-range rifle in 9.5x77 for law enforcement and the military at Eurosatory 2024

New for Eurosatory 2024: the Sako TRG 62 A1 long-range rifle. Only 7 kg total weight and improved precision and effectiveness. Caliber: 9.5x77.

The new TRG 62 A1 long-range rifle from the Finnish company Sako, which also belongs to BDT, will also be presented at Eurosatory 2024. Juuso Austin, Business Unit Director at Sako, introduces the rifle: “Sako TRG 62 A1 was created for law enforcement and special operations teams, guaranteeing improved performance and operational efficacy. Potential clients include tactical units with specialized weapons needs for critical operations, and defense forces looking to improve their marksmanship and sniper capabilities. Our dedication to quality and innovation makes this rifle a revolutionary weapon for modern warfare.”

According to the manufacturer, the Sako TRG 62 A1 will set another benchmark in the weapons industry, following in the footsteps of the Sako TRG-22 and TRG-42 sniper rifles. The main features include the ability to achieve greater impact with improved effectiveness and precision using the 9.5x77 caliber. Thanks to a weight of 7 kg and compatibility with the TRG product family, the TRG 62 A1 is light and easy to handle. At the same time, controls and individual adjustability should remain the same, so that users of the TRG A1 series feel right at home.

Snipers from various units and backgrounds were involved in the development of the weapon with practical tests. Their valuable feedback was integrated into the design of the new rifle.

According to Sako, the aim of the TRG 62 A1 is to redefine the limits of long-range shooting. The capabilities of traditional cartridges such as .308 and .338 Lapua Magnum would be surpassed, especially in the 2,000-meter range and beyond. The TRG 62 A1 stands out in its class with a significant improvement in accuracy up to 1,500 meters, combined with a remarkable increase in energy efficiency, which is said to deliver over 25% more energy to the target.

Miikka Tamminen, R&D Director at Sako, said: “This advanced weapon system represents a significant leap in design and engineering, providing unmatched accuracy, range, and reliability. Our dedicated R&D team has meticulously crafted this marksman rifle to meet the evolving demands, ensuring superior performance in the field. This platform not only enhances the capabilities of long-range shooting but also sets a new standards for new doctrine of future marksmen."

With the introduction of the Sako TRG 62 A1, the legacy of the Sako TRG series continues. According to the manufacturer, this rifle is more than just a weapon; it represents a game-changer in long-range precision.

You can find out more about Eurosatory 2024 in Paris on the trade fair website. We will be on site at the trade fair and will provide information about the most interesting innovations on the website and on our social media channels.

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