Frankford Arsenal X10 progressive press: unboxing of the complete kit from online-shop

Introduced just a couple of years ago, the Frankford Arsenal X10 progressive ammunition reloading press stirred interest in the shooting world due to the 10 stations for dies and processing operations on the case being reloaded, 10 being a sort of "magic number" that sets apart the really serious reloading presses from the "prosumer" bunch, and of course the price, almost half of what mainstream comparable presses were going for at the time.

The X10 delivered to my door: a set of three blue boxes, one of which considerably heavy. Can’t wait to see what’s inside!

Described as "Designed by reloaders for reloaders" by the manufacturer, the X-10 is an automatic indexing reloading press, featuring robust steel build, all friction points relieved by an array of ball bearings, and a gear-driven proprietary 10-station rotating shell plate. 

Inside the largest box, a tightly packed and excellently padded reloading press disassembled in its parts. It’s going to be fun putting it together and setting it up!

The X10 can reload cases ranging from the standard 9mm pistol round all the way to .308 rifle rounds, incorporating inventive features such as dual de-capping stations to prevent primer drawback, in-line primer pocket swaging for both small and large primers, and compatibility with powder check and case trimming dies.

It comes standard with a micrometer regulated and case-actuated powder measure, with a positive reset. 

The whole kit on the table, including the optional accessories and the dies needed to start reloading a single caliber, in my case the 9mm. Stay tuned to watch the press come together!

While most shooters that need reloading volumes like the ones offered by the X10 may have a couple dedicated press setups, switching calibers on a single X10 press is not a hassle, as the X-10's intuitive design makes it easy to change the tool head and shell plate. Many details will be well appreciated by reloaders, like its roller handle, an integrated LED light in the tool head to illuminate the press workspace, and spring-loaded case locator buttons. These refinements paired with the optionally available X-10 Bullet Collator and Caliber Conversion Kits make for smooth and effortless one-handed operation.

The parts of the Frankford Arsenal X10 progressive press as they appear out of the box.

In Europe, sells the bare Frankford Arsenal X10 progressive press for a very affordable 1,605.84 euro, tax included; a caliber kit is additionally needed, and the press can use standard dies. contacted me to test out the X10, promising to deliver the press plus the optional Bullet Collator and everything else needed to setup the press for one caliber, and I chose the 9mm Lyman SS Pro Die set. I received three boxes containing the whole kit and accessories – and this article and video details the unboxing, illustrating the various parts and accessories. Stay tuned for the assembly and setup article and video – soon on!

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Frankford Arsenal X-10 Progressive Press with Case Feeder1 605,84 EUR

Frankford Arsenal X-10 Bullet Feeder Collator   210,80 EUR

9mm Luger LYMAN PRO DIE PACK   366,50 EUR