A huge success for Caccia Village 2024, the Italian hunters' fair

A celebration of hunting culture and tradition, with spaces dedicated to hunting-related history, literature and art: from May 11 to 13, 2024, the town of Bastia Umbria in central Italy became the center of the Italian hunting world with the 2024 edition of Caccia Village, the “hunting and hunter's village”. More than 30,000 visitors, 350 companies and more than 900 brands, plus a packed schedule of events, turned this edition, the 12th one, into an unprecedented success. Caccia Village actually confirmed to be one of the most important Italian hunting fairs. Simulations, live cooking shows, lifestyle areas, and exhibitions with extraordinary shooters such as Raniero Testa and Davide De Carolis created an immersive event for hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

Caccia Village 2024, innovative and interesting products

The shooting range at Caccia Village,where enthusiast could test firsthand all the novelties.

One of the busiest and most engaging spaces at Caccia Village was, of course, the shooting range where enthusiasts of all ages gathered to have fun and learn about new guns and technologies firsthand. At Benelli visitors got the chance to appreciate the performance of the new Benelli A.I. (Advanced Impact) barrels with the Raffaello Silver and Black semi-automatics and the ever-present BE Diamond. Benelli's new A.I. Technology, featuring an innovative internal barrel profile and redesigned barrel-choke assembly, ensures that the shot pellet fired from guns equipped with the A.I. system is always faster than conventional barrel-choke combinations, also leading to a longer range and greater penetration.

A moment of the performance by Davide De Carolis, trick shooter and endorser of Benelli and Baschieri & Pellagri.

At Caccia Village Beretta, whose main business remains the manufacturing of hunting firearms, showcased its BRX1 straight-pull rifle in the Wild Boar version specially designed for wild boar hunters.

At Caccia Village, Pedersoli showcased its Droptine lever-action rifle in .30-30 Winchester, available in two versions: with a wooden stock and classic metal sights, or with a technopolymer stock and Picatinny optics rail. 

Baschieri & Pellagri  brought to the event its Mygra Beccaccia Bismuth cartridge. The famous shell for woodcock hunting is in fact now available in a version loaded with bismuth shot so it can also be used in areas where lead is banned. While years ago the fragility of bismuth caused some concern, today this alloy – revised in hardness and smoothness – is capable of guaranteeing effective and safe kills.

A visit to Crispi's booth gave an opportunity to take a look at the Futura NXT boots, an evolution of the Futura GNT: thanks to the integrated Goretex and Kevlar upper gaiter, along with fast and precise lacing for a perfect fit, the Futura NXT boots are ideal in wet environments where they are an excellent substitute for rubber boots, offering in addition more stability, traction and thermal protection.

Live cooking shows were part of the fun at Caccia Village 2024.

Also at Caccia Village, F.A.I.R. Classic EL, the new over-and-under available in Standard and Combinato versions and in all major gauges  from 12 to .410 bore with scaled receivers. You can choose between 68-, 71- or 76-cm barrels, all fitted with a set of internal and interchangeable chokes, and single or double trigger system. Case ejection is automatic. The Classic EL over-and-under has a pistol grip stock, while the Combinato version comes with an English-style stock.

With the Droptine in .30-30 Winchester, Pedersoli offers a classic but very modern lever-action rifle. The Droptine is available in two versions: with a wooden stock and classic metal sights, or with a technopolymer stock and Picatinny optics rail.

After the success of the 2024 edition, it's already time to look forward to Caccia Village 2025!