Sauer 404 line of bolt action hunting rifles

Sauer 404
Almost one year after its first launch, the Sauer 404 line of bolt-action hunting rifles still remains the mainstay of the German company's product catalogue

Elegant, versatile, fast and modular, as technically groundbreaking under many points of view for its category, the Sauer 404 line of bolt-action hunting rifles is still one of Sauer's best-sellers well one year after its introduction − and is the mainstay of the hunting products catalogue of the Italian distributor of Sauer's products, the Bignami company.

At the 2016 edition of the HIT Show in Vicenza (northern Italy), the Bignami company showcased two of the best and most successful variants of the Sauer 404 line of hunting rifles.

The Sauer 404 Elegance bolt-action hunting rifle is built around a lightweight aluminum alloy receiver and an Ergo Lux Grade 5 walnut stock, and features an ergonomically-placed cocking handle and a cold-hammer forged, special steel barrel − available in 51cm or 56cm variants for Medium-lenght actions and in a 62cm length for Magnum actions. 

Sauer 404
The firing pin of the Sauer 404 hunting rifle can be armed and disarmed using sliding control on the rear end of the bolt

The Sauer 404 Elegance rifle is available in seven standard calibers (.243 Winchester; .270 Winchester; .30-06 Springfield; .308 Winchester; 6,5x55mm; 7x64mm; 9,3x62) and in five magnum calibers (.300 Winchester Magnum; .338 Winchester Magnum; .375 H&H Magnum; 7mm Remington Magnum; 8x68S). Its local retail price is set to start at €5.010,00 for standard-caliber variants and at €5.340,00 for Magnum-caliber variants.

The Sauer 404 Synchro XT bolt-action hunting rifle is under all intents and purposes symilar to the previous model, but features a synthetic stock with soft-touch inserts on the handguard and pistol grip, quick-alignment battue sights with high-visibility inserts, and an adjustable buttstock. The Sauer 404 Synchro XT rifle is available in seven standard calibers (.243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester, 6,5x55 SE, 7x64mm, 9,3x62mm) at a price of €4.090,00; and in four Magnum calibers (.300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum, 8x68S) at a suggested retail price of €4.420,00.

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