Brand-new Sauer 505 bolt-action rifle: only the finest technology, ergonomics and features

The new Sauer S 505 replaces the previous model S 404 and is a modern, modular bolt action rifle with manual cocking, which allows customers to change the rifle's barrel and thus the caliber themselves if necessary. According to the manufacturer, those who value absolute repeatable accuracy should tighten the three clamping screws with a torque wrench to 5 Nm. However, it is not cheap, because the bolt may also have to be replaced (depending on the caliber group).

The Sauer 505 ErgoLux hunting bolt-action rifle is the version with a stock made of fine walnut wood. 
Of the original 6.5 kilograms of solid steel, only 732 grams remain to form the extremely stable receiver of the new Sauer 505. 

The heart of the new Sauer rifle is the incomparably silky-smooth bolt action. Super quiet, extremely fast and reliable – making cycling a real pleasure. This is ensured by the pure steel receiver, which is machined from solid bar stock in a complex process. At the end, only 732 grams remain of the 6.5 kilogram blank. This sophisticated process guarantees a balanced overall weight of the hunting rifle with outstanding robustness. In combination with the tried and tested saddle mount, it guarantees maximum accuracy!

Closure Sauer 505
The newly developed manual cocking system of the Sauer 505, further improved compared to its predecessor, the S 404. 

The manual cocking of the new Sauer 505 has been completely redeveloped. It couldn't be safer, quieter or more comfortable! The gun can be cocked silently and smoothly, even when aiming. Uncocking and unloading are just as intuitive.

Of course, Sauer's unmistakable trigger characteristics are also retained in the latest bolt-action rifle. Thanks to the adjustable Quattro trigger, the ideal trigger weight can be set for every hunting situation. To do this, the forend of the rifle must be removed. The shooter can choose between 350, 750, 1,000 and 1,250 grams. The 350-g setting should therefore be at the lower limit of the usual trigger pull weight. The position of the trigger blade can no longer be adjusted on the S 505. Another big plus is the integrated MagLock magazine safety, which reliably prevents the magazine button from being activated unintentionally.

Sauer CEO Julkian Wengenmayr Sauer 505
Sauer Managing Director Julian Wengenmayr shows the new Sauer 505 ErgoLux (wooden stock). 

The cold-hammer forged barrel guarantees the Sauer accuracy valued by connoisseurs worldwide. With 18 different calibers and the modular design of the S 505, exchanging stock and caliber pairs is child's play. In addition to the free configuration, Sauer offers three equipment packages that have been put together by experienced hunters. The focus here is on the finish of the barrel, bolt and receiver, as well as the fine details on the gun. The decision whether to use a polymer, carbon or wood stock is left to the hunter.

The legendary rifle shines with its sophisticated symbiosis of receiver, barrel, bolt and trigger assembly for a perfect and precise shot with the unmistakably sleek appearance that Sauer shooters love so much: a bolt action rifle with manual cocking for generations.

A word about the prices of the new S 505 model: the most affordable basic model is around €1,000 cheaper than its predecessor, the S 404. That sounds tempting! We are looking forward to the first test gun.

The three stock variants of the new Sauer 505 hunting rifle – These are the successors to the Sauer S 404 models:

The left side of the Sauer 505 hunting repeater in the ErgoLux wooden stock version 
The carbon-stock version of the new Sauer 505 with the model name 505 Synchro XTC weighs just 3200 grams. 
The Sauer 505 ErgoMax Black is shipped with a traditional design polymer stock. 

Sauer 505 hunting rifle specs and prices

Sauer 505 ErgoLux, 505 ErgoMax Black, 505 Synchro XTC
.222 Rem., .223 Rem., .243 Win., .270 Win., 6.5x55 SE, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win., .30-06 Spring, 7x64, 8x57 IS, 9.3x62, 6.5 PRC, 8.5x55 Blaser, 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag., 8x68 S, .375 H&H, 10.3×60 R
Magazine Capacity:Medium: 3 rounds
Magnum: 2 rounds
Prices (RRP):
From approx. 3,200 euros, plus various possible equipment packages (link to German end user price list)
Wooden stock (ErgoLux), 3,450g* approx.
Polymer (ErgoMax black): 3,520g* approx.
Polymer (Synchro XT Black): 3,550 g
Carbon (Synchro XTC): approx. 3,230g*
Stock Designs:
Wooden stock (wood class 2-10), polymer, carbon, shorter version Artemis/ErgoCompact
Barrel Length:
Medium: 51 cm
Magnum: 62 cm
Barrel Contour:Standard, 17 mm diameter
Overall Length:With 51-cm barrel: 101.5 cm
With 56-cm barrel: 106.5 cm
With 62-cm barrel: 112.5 cm
Finish:Plasma-nitrided, blued, optional DLC
Scope Mount:Sauer saddle mounting
Sauer Quattro, 350 g/750 g /1,000 g/1,250 g (adjustable)
Muzzle Thread:M15x1
Magazine Safety:MagLock
Bolt:6-lug, locking directly into the barrel
Cocking System:Manual
Barrel:Cold hammered
* Notes:
Weight with standard equipment: stock and action with bolt + 3-round magazine, 51-cm barrel, M15x1 muzzle thread, QD sling swivels, standard barrel contour

Further information on the new Sauer 505 bolt action rifle can be found on the Sauer website.

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