New Sabatti Rover series of bolt-action rifles, a project completely revised from A to Z

The Sabatti Rover has been completely renewed. The first ten versions of the Italian company's "entry level" rifle were presented to the press during a meeting held in the company's brand new show room, which will open its doors in a couple of weeks in Sarezzo, near Brescia, Italy.

The Rover series rifles are the result of decades of experience gained by Armi Sabatti in the manufacturing of manual repeating guns, and apart from the name they have little in common with the excellent version in the catalog to date. The project has been completely reworked starting with the action. 


New Sabatti Rover: a completely renewed project

The heart of the new Sabatti Rover is the Ergal 55 action. The geometry of the trigger group has also been completely redesigned.

The action of the new Sabatti Rover has been completely redesigned and is made from a billet of Ergal 55, a light alloy machined with high precision CNC machines and then anodized. The action's top features an integral Picatinny rail that allows the mounting of optics or other sighting systems. Every detail of the action contributes to weight reduction, such as the false ejection port on the left side, which has a dual aesthetic and lightening function. One of the most interesting features of the new Rover is the extreme ease with which the barrel can be replaced, being coupled to the action by a steel bushing fixed by three Allen screws. The barrel extension, specially redesigned, simplifies barrel interchangeability by making headspace adjustment unnecessary.

Among the most interesting versions, here is the Hunter Classic, with walnut stock and flush 3-round magazine.  

The bolt, too, is CNC machined from a single steel billet and is characterized by excellent smoothness: it features three locking lugs and a practically indestructible extractor, thanks to the redesigned geometry, and depending on the version it is either chrome-plated or matte-blued. The bolt handle knob is easily interchangeable with other models in the catalog of Sabatti or other manufacturers.

Depending on the models the new Sabatti Rover comes with a standard, two lever, trigger group, but a three lever “match” trigger group and a single set trigger are available as optional

A detail view of the bolt head featuring three locking lugs and a newly designed, extremely sturdy extractor.
The polymer recoil pad of the Sabatti Rover in the Patrol version. The stock has a pistol grip, the cheek rest is interchangeable and the rubber recoil pad is generously thick.

The thousand faces of the Sabatti Rover

For this rifle series, Sabatti has decided to use barrels with traditional rifling, cold hammer forged in house. Depending on the model, the barrels fitted on the new Rovers are available in a wide range of calibers (.223 Rem, .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, 6.5x47 Lapua, 6.5x55 SE, 6.5 Creedmoor, .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum, with more in the pipeline), as well as different contours and lengths, with or without flash hider and muzzle brake. Some parts of the rifle are made of high-strength polymer, chosen for its great dimensional stability that allows total interchangeability. This is the case of the assembly that integrates the trigger guard and the magazine well, and of the magazine itself, which is available in the standard version with a capacity of three rounds or the 7-round Accuracy International compatible version.

The stock of the Sabatti Rover has been redesigned down to the smallest detail and feature an interchangeable cheek rest (waiting for the adjustable one), a particularly effective recoil pad and a multi-purpose steel rail inserted in the fore-end, which allows the mounting of bipods and other accessories. Depending on the model, the stock is made of polymer, oil-finished wood or wood with a soft touch non-slip coating.

The lower part of the fore-end features a multi-purpose steel rail that allows the mounting of bipods and other accessories.
The Rover series rifles can mount various muzzle accessories. In the picture, the proprietary Jet Brake compensator/flash hider.

The Sabatti Rover line of rifles includes various models and configurations, giving hunters, sport shooters and professional operators the opportunity to choose the version that best suits their needs. For the moment, the Sabatti Rover family includes the following models: Hunter, Hunter Classic, Hunter Classic Pro, Pathfinder, Shooter, Scout, Patrol, Ranger, Alaskan, Thumbhole, the latter with a thumbhole stock. More models are planned to be unveiled during 2022. Retail prices range from 930 euros for the Hunter model to 1530 euros for the Scout model (prices may be different in your country). Depending on the model, the weight varies between 6.17 to 7.27 lb (2800-3300 grams).

The Sabatti Rover in the Shooter version, here fitted with a Sightmark scope mounted on the Picatinny slide integral with the action. The magazine is the extended 7-round one.

To conclude, Sabatti offers hunting and sport shooting enthusiasts a series of reasonably priced rifles, proudly designed and built in Italy but with an eye on the international market. The already available models, those planned for the immediate future and the great possibilities offered by the interchangeability of calibers and the ease with which they can be accessorized, will surely make the Sabatti Rover one of the ideal candidates for those who want to purchase their first rifle with the certainty of taking home a reliable and precise tool without spending a fortune.

To learn more about the new Rover series rifles, you can visit the Sabatti website, or keep following us for all the news in the industry.

Among the most interesting versions, the Hunter Classic with a walnut stock and a magazine flush with the stock, with a 3-round capacity. The Scout model has a laminated wood stock, 7-round magazine, intermediate rear sight on the extended Picatinny rail and an M-16 type flash hider.

Sabatti Rover rifles specs and prices

Rover Hunter, Hunter Classic, Hunter Classic Pro, Pathfinder, Shooter, Scout, Patrol, Ranger, Alaskan, Thumbhole
from 930 to 1530 euro (prices may vary in different countries)
.223 Rem, .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, 6.5x47 Lapua, 6.5x55 SE, 6.5 Creedmoor, .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum
Barrel Lengths: 
16”-24” (41-61 cm)
Magazine Capacity: 
3 or 7 rounds
Polymer or wood
from 6.17 to 7.27 lb (2800-3300 g)
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