Gamo G-Force 15, the “black air rifle” for youngsters

La carabina ad aria compressa Gamo G-Force in calibro 4,5 millimetri
The Gamo G-Force 4.5 mm (.177) air rifle

The first thing you'll notice about the Gamo G-Force 15 is that its outward appearance is very different from what we're used to see in a classic break barrel air rifle.

The first impression is that we have a “Black Rifle” in our hands, a gun loosely based on a modern assault rifle. The pistol grip, butt and “AR15”-type fake flash suppressor, fake magazine and red-dot sight make the gun look like the real thing to a casual observer. 

A closer inspection, however, reveals the G-Force 15 to be a conventional airgun under all that plastic, based on the time-tested “non-restricted” version of the Gamo mechanism but with a reduced pellet power of 7.5 joules (750 fps).

L'indicazione del calibro (4,5 mm) e del tipo di pallino da usare è riportato sul prisma di plastica che avvolge il tratto iniziale della canna
The calibre (4.5 mm/0.177") and the type of pellet to use are specified on the plastic prism at the breech end of the barrel

The G-Force 15 is for young shooters, so it's quite a bit shorter than a standard rifle: 91.5 cm (36 inches) from butt to muzzle compared to the average 1,170 mm of a Gamo Hunter, for example. It's also much lighter than most full-size rifles, and weighs only 2 kg.

Another detail that immediately catches the eye is that the G-Force has no conventional sights but comes with a green-dot reflex sight that has a 32 mm front lens offering a 1x magnification factor and the option of adjusting the sight for elevation and windage.

L'ottica si aggancia alla classica scina a coda di rondine ricavata direttamente sul castello
The sight fits onto the classic dovetail grooved breech receiver

The sight is mounted directly on the 3/8 inch grooved receiver using its built-in mount, and adds only 225 grams to the weight of the gun. Power is supplied by a CR2032 button cell battery. 

The reflex sight is made entirely of plastic (except the mount) and looks quite fragile, but as always products should also be judged on the price, which in this case is just a little over 12 (that's right twelve) euros. In any case, there's nothing to stop you mounting a more conventional sight on the G-Force rifle. For our test we used a Gamo Matrik 3-9x riflescope with a Mil Dot type reticle mounted on a Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR) which protects the scope from recoil when firing.

Il calcio riprende la forma, ma non la funzione, di quelli telescopici montati sui “Black rifle”. Lo spesso calciolo in gomma riduce efficacemente il contraccolpo sulla spalla
The stock looks like a telescopic stock on a tactical “Black rifle” but can't be adjusted in the same way. The thick rubber butt effectively reduces the effect of recoil on the shoulder

Continuing our examination of the G-Force 15, you'll see the stock, which ends at the rear with a strong-looking perforated rubber butt plate, is really part of the body designed around the mechanism. 

It's complete with aesthetic details such as a molded in safety/selector on the left and a protected ejection port on the right. Although the stock looks like a telescopic model, it's fixed and the only functional control you can really use on the gun is the safety protected by the trigger guard, a feature we've come to expect on these Spanish rifles.

The advantage of this stock design is that it protects the mechanism from the rough use the rifle will presumably be subject to.

La volata è guarnita da un falso spegnifiamma a gabbietta. Non essendoci fiammate da smorzare, la sua funzione è proteggere questa parte sensibile dell'arma
The muzzle has a faux "bird cage" flash suppressor. As there is no muzzle flash to suppress, its function is to protect this delicate part of the gun

Now let's take a look at the barrel, which is 390 mm long. The muzzle has a faux flash suppressor which protects this delicate part and gives you a good grip on the end of the barrel, while the first 90 mm from the breech are held in a plastic prism simulating a Picatinny rail.

We already mentioned the rifle comes without sights; luckily the supplied optical sight is quick and easy to fit by simply loosening the two screws of the mount, fitting the sight on the grooved receiver and tightening it down.

L'ottica a punto verde venduta insieme all'arma. La vite posteriore regola l'elevazione del punto, quella anteriore è in realtà il coperchio del vano batteria
The green-dot sight sold with the gun. The rear screw adjusts the elevation, while the front screw is really the cover of the battery compartment

A bright green dot can be seen when looking through the sight, and although the brightness can't be adjusted, it's bright enough to sight on a pale-coloured target on a bright day. 

A switch on the right side switches the green dot on or off, while two knurled wheels can be used to move the reticle to calibrate the point of impact. We cannot comment too much on the quality of this reflex sight, except that it is undoubtedly... economic, a fact that is reflected (pardon for the pun) in its price.

Per le nostre prove di tiro abbiamo montato sulla G-Force 15 anche un'ottica Gamo Matrik 3-9x con reticolo tipo Mil Dot montato su una slitta RRR (Recoil Reducing Rail)
For our test shots with the G-Force 15, we used a Gamo Matrik 3-9x scope with a Mil Dot type reticle mounted on a Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR)

If you want something better, you can mount one of the fine optical riflescopes made by Gamo, like the Matrik 3-9x adjustable zoom scope with Mil Dot type reticle mounted on a RRR (Recoil Reducing Rail) we used in the tests.

As it's a rifle for young shooters, some people may perhaps have preferred to see metal sights on the gun. 

Someone at Gamo must have thought the same thing because the G-Force is also available in many European countries in the Tac version, which has “Flip up” sights consisting of a rear peep sight and front sight protected by side ears.

La classica sicura delle carabine Gamo. La leva che blocca e sblocca il grilletto si trova davanti a esso, all'interno del ponticello
The classic Gamo rifle safety. The trigger safety is in front of the trigger itself, protected by the trigger guard
Il numero di conformità (in questo caso è 309) riportato sul castello della carabina 
The compliance number (in this case 309) on the breech

The rifle comes with the standard Gamo trigger (not the new SAT – Smooth Action Trigger) so it's of unquestionable quality. Trigger travel is adjustable and the safety is protected by the trigger guard. As it's a rifle for young shooters, the lack of any other frills won't be missed. 

Il tratto iniziale della canna è racchiuso in un massiccio blocco di materiale plastico
The breech end of the barrel is mounted in a solid block of plastic
Il caricamento della carabina avviene inserendo manualmente ogni singolo pallino nella culatta
The rifle is loaded by inserting each single pellet in the breech

The rifle is loaded in the classic way by breaking the barrel to the end of its travel, folding it to charge the spring and inserting a pellet in the breech.

The rifle is easy to fire as it's very light, making it suitable for children as well. The stock is very short and “adult” shooters will struggle to get it into their shoulder, although this can't be considered a fault, as the rifle was designed for youngsters.

La rosata ottenuta alla distanza di dieci metri con pallini Gamo Match da 0,49 grammi e un'ottica Gamo Matrik 3-9x con reticolo tipo Mil Dot montato su una slitta RRR (Recoil Reducing Rail)
The pattern shot at a distance of ten metres using Gamo Match 0.49 gram pellets and a Gamo Matrik 3-9x scope with a Mil Dot type reticle mounted on the rifle with a Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR)

We tested the G-Force 15 at the prescribed distance of ten metres, obtaining excellent results with Gamo Match 0.49 gram pellets and a Gamo Matrik 3-9x scope; remarkably accurate considering the price of the rifle.

The goal of the Spanish gun-maker has certainly been reached and the G-Force 15 keeps all its promises: the air rifle is fun, cheap and strong, well suited for youngsters and youths. It's easy to use and can also take some punishment thanks to the full stock.

The retail price of the G-Force 15 is 169 euros, optical sight included. It's a very interesting price, which is sure to make it a success.

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