Daystate Red Wolf Grand Prix: evolution doesn't stop

At the World Field Target Shooting Championship held in South Africa at the end of August, British manufacturer Daystate can consider itself more than satisfied, as U.S. shooter Lauren Parsons, who used a Daystate Red Wolf rifle in 4.5 mm caliber, won the gold medal.

Readers are reminded that the Daystate Red Wolf is a high-powered pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle chambered in .177 (4.5 mm), .22 (5.5 mm), .25 (6.35 mm) and .303 (7.62 mm) and with barrel lengths of 43 or 60 centimeters. Power is provided by carbon fiber air cylinders with a capacity of 400 or 480 cc.

Daystate Red Wolf Grand Prix rifle with aluminum stock

The aluminum stock of the Red Wolf Grand Prix comes standard with a fully adjustable recoil pad and cheek rest.

At the South African World Cup, Lauren Parsons competed with a Red Wolf featuring a laminated wooden stock, which evidently performed very well, but one should never rest on one's laurels, and so the British company had already planned to bring to market a version with an aluminum stock that would ensure maximum adaptability and the possibility of mounting accessories of all kinds, from the simplest ones to those specifically designed for academic target shooting. The Red edition comes in a flashy red color – and it could not be otherwise. For those who prefer a lower profile, no problem:  in the catalog there is also a version with an anodized stock in an austere black color.

Since its launch in April this year, the unparalleled flexibility and refinement of the new Grand Prix version, combined with the legendary precision of Red Wolf's advanced electronic trigger, has earned an enviable reputation on the competitive circuit.

Those who already own a Daystate Red Wolf rifle can simply purchase the stock only.
Shooter Neil Palmer in action at the Hunter Field Target World Championships with his Daystate Red Wolf Grand Prix with black stock.

Despite taking his Red Wolf Grand Prix rifle out of the box only a few weeks ago and not having the opportunity to modify it, Neil Palmer secured second place at the recent Hunter Field Target World Championships, narrowly missing first place in a shoot off.

The new monolithic stock of the Daystate Red Wolf Grand Prix offers the shooter a rigid, durable construction with details specific for field target shooting, such as a height-adjustable handguard / forend with a wide vertical adjustment range and the ability to mount anatomical, custom pistol grips.

The Daystate Red Wolf Grand Prix rifle is available in calibers from .177 to .30 and powers from 7.5 to 108 joules (5.5 to 80 ft/lbs). In addition, the aluminum stock can be purchased separately by those who already own a Red Wolf rifle to be mounted on their existing firearm. The list price of the basic model is about 4,000 euros.

Daystate Red Wolf Grand Prix specs and price

ModelRed Wolf GP - GP High Power
Country of productionU.K.
Typeair rifle
Calibers4,5 mm, 5,5 mm, 6,35 mm and 7,62 mm
Air Supply480 cc cylinder
Operating Pressure250 bar
Magazinerotary, 13-, 11-,10-, and 8-shot
Triggerelectronic, adjustable
Sightsnone, Picatinny optics rail, M-Lok handguard
Barrel lenght430 or 600 mm (High Power)
Stockaluminum with red or black finish
Weight4.35 kg / 3.55 Kg (HP)
PriceFrom 4,000 euro (approx)

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