The revolutionary Lynx GM6 multi-role rifle in .50 BMG 

The GM6 Lynx Heavy Rifle manufactured by Hungarian Sero International is a revolutionary and unique weapon that combines light weight, portability, mobility and great firepower. It is a semi-automatic weapon in a bullpup configuration chambered in .50 BMG (12.7x99 mm) or 12.7x108 mm calibers with a multi-role function, meaning it can be used in both anti-personnel and anti-materiel roles.

With a generous supply of Picatinny rails, the GM6 Lynx semi-automatic rifle can be easily accessorized with optics, bipods and other add-ons.

Made in Hungary, the GM6 Lynx combines the strengths of a designated marksman (DMR), sniper, assault and anti-materiel rifle. It is suitable for use by land, air, territorial and independent armed forces. Its task is to destroy key targets such as troops in armored vehicles, light shelters and buildings, radio-electronic stations, missile launchers up to more than 2,000 meters away and helicopters hpvering within a range of 600-800 meters. The manufacturer claims sub-MOA accuracy.

The long recoil system allows the barrel to be locked in the back position (in this condition the GM6 Lynx is 914 mm long) to facilitate transportation inside vehicles. When the user exits the vehicle, at the push of a button the barrel slides forward and chambers the first round. The barrel of the Lynx GM6 is 730 millimeters long and has 1:15" twist rate. There is a muzzle brake that redirects laterally part of the combustion gases.

GM6 Lynx, compact and powerful for long range shooting

The Cerakote surface finish of the GM6 Lynx is available in different colors and patterns. 

Normally because of their heavy weight, length and brutal recoil, anti-materiel rifles in .50 BMG and the like can only be fired prone or from positions that provide stable support. This is not the case with the GM6 Lynx, where the long-recoil operating system produces very low recoil and allows the shooter to use this .50 BMG rifle even while shooting from a standing position. The weight of the GM6 Lynx with a full magazine is 13 kilograms. The proprietary magazine has a capacity of five rounds, arranged in a single stack to ensure reliable feeding.

The GM6 Lynx rifle also can be disassembled without the use of tools, and the operation takes less than three minutes, including reassembly.

The GM6 Lynx has a full line of accessories ranging from a muzzle brake-equipped silencer to magazine pouches and back-up mechanical sights that can be mounted on the Picatinny rails with which the rifle is abundantly equipped. The GM6 Lynx is finished with a Cerakote ceramic coating available in different colors and honeycomb patterns. 

The GM6 Lynx rifle features a bullpup configuration and is therefore relatively short: the overall length is 1,114 millimeters with a 730-mm barrel. 

The GM6 Lynx rifle in video:

GM6 Lynx specs

Sero International, Hungary 
GM6 Lynx
Semi-automatic bullpup rifle
Long recoil
.50 BMG and/or 12.7x108 mm
Weight (Unloaded):
10.5 kg 
Weight (Loaded): 
13 kg 
Overall Length: 
1,114 mm
Length with Barrel Pushed In:
914 mm (36 inch)
Barrel Length: 
28.74”/730 mm 
Twist Rate: 
Muzzle Energy: 
14.5 kJ
Muzzle Velocity: 
From 780 m/s
Effective Range: 
2.000 m (1.25 miles +)
Magazine Capacity: 
5 rounds, single stack

You can visit the GM6 Lynx website to learn more.

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