Derya Arms TM22-A-18 Feather, a featherweight rimfire semi-automatic rifle with polymer components: just over two kilos!

The ultra-light semi-automatic rimfire rifles from Derya Arms were already admired at the SHOT Show 2023 and the IWA in Nuremberg last March: the "Feather" models were an exciting addition to the relatively new TM22-A-18 series. This is because the Turkish manufacturer (see our company portrait here) has replaced the already lightweight aluminum material with polymer in the Feather models, making the almost 84 cm (33 inch) long self-loaders even lighter: the scale pointer stops at just 2.2 kg, while the aluminum A-18 weighs in at 2.8 kg.

Shooting pause: while the aluminum version Derya TM22 (on the left) can be recognized by the fixed aluminum buttstock and the skeletonized fore-end, the Feather models are distinguished by the more generous, yet lightweight adjustable buttstock (right). Both models are also equipped with Picatinny rails for mounting red dot sights, and the TM22-A-18 Feather comes with carry handle and front sight as standard. 
The 15-round polymer magazine for the Derya Arms TM22 Feather, which should also fit the aluminum TM22 series. The larger magazines with 15- or 25-rimfire cartridge capacity come from third-party manufacturers. 
Derya Arms supplies two of these 10-round polymer magazines as standard with every TM22 Feather. 

Specifically, Derya has manufactured the receiver, the magazines, the closed "classic" AR-15 carry handle and the length-adjustable sliding stock from polymer. The magazines, which are available in different sizes depending on the legal situation in the country of delivery (10-round factory, 15- or 25-round as accessories from third-party manufacturers), are interchangeable with the aluminum magazines of the "normal" TM22 series, and the Feather polymer magazines also fit the other way around. In addition, the standard buttstock mount means that any buttstock solution available on the aftermarket can also be used. Two 10-round magazines are already included in the scope of delivery.

First of all, the similarities between the well-known TM22 series and the lightweight Feather models: as with probably all semi-automatic rimfire rifles worldwide, a blowback action is used, and the charging lever for the bolt is on the left as standard, because many action shooters prefer this. The barrels are 18 inches long (just under 46 cm) and have a 1/2x28 mm UNEF thread at the muzzle for a silencers, covered by a thread cap as standard. Versions with 20-inch (508 mm) barrels are also available on request, in which case they are marked A-20.

The new TM22 Feather rifles are available in numerous colors and unusual color designs.

Derya Arms TM22-A-18 Feather specs

TM22 A-18 Feather
Derya Arms
.22 LR
Barrel Length:
18”/457 mm
Magazine Capacity:
10 rounds (15 or 25-round as aftermarket accessories)
Receiver, Stock, Magazine Material:
Carry handle with rear sight, front sight
Overall Length:
84 cm (33”, with adjustable buttstock)
2.2 kg

This is the TM22-A-18 Feather rimfire semi-automatic rifle from Derya Arms:

Derya Arms TM22-A-18 Feather C101, in the classic black AR-15 design in "Graphite Black" color.
Derya Arms TM22-A-18 Feather C117 in the trendy "Crushed Orchid" color.
Derya Arms TM22-A-18 Feather C113, in "Robin's Egg Blue".
Derya Arms TM22 A-18 Feather C110 in "Sniper Grey".
Derya Arms TM22-A-18 Feather C103 in "OD Green".
Derya Arms TM22 A-18 Feather C102 in "Burnt Bronze". 

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