Rossi revolvers, back with a vengeance

The less young should be familiar with the Rossi brand, a Brazilian manufacturer – part of Taurus since 2008 – that together with shotguns, lever action and rimfire rifles, offered affordable yet durable revolvers based on the classic S&W's design. 

With its 3” barrel, the six-shot Rossi RP63 is intended as a carry gun. Sights here are fixed and snag-free.

Unfortunately, they were discontinued just a few years ago amid a company's crisis and some safety recalls. But in this start of 2023 they are back in style: Rossi USA announces the return of its wheelguns, now with a modernized fit  and with different barrel length options suitable to different end-user demands. 

The Rossi RM66 features an adjustable rear sight and a removable red ramp front sight.

New features also include a hammer block safety and a replaceable hammer-mounted firing pin. Two models have been unveiled, the RM66 with 6 barrel and the RP63 with 3” barrel, both in .357 Magnum caliber with 6-shot cylinders. 

In the shorter RP63, the front sight is still removable, but the rear sight is fixed (grooved notch). 

Rossi already anticipates that an intermediate 4” “do everything” revolver, the RM64, will be added later this year.

Talking about prices, the new Rossi revolvers are competitive, with the 6” RM66 model at $620.99 in the U.S. and the 3” RP63 carrying a price tag of $460.99.

To best present their new revolvers, Rossi also produced a movie-like trailer titled “Magnum Country” that you can watch at the following link:

Rossi 6” RM66, for the range and competition

The stainless steel Rossi RM66 has a square butt with wrap-around rubber grip. Note the name Taurus on the frame: Taurus acquired Rossi in 2008.

The longer version first. With a 6” barrel, a red ramp front sight and a fully adjustable rear sight, the RM66 is designed for the range or revolver competition shooting. The adjustable sights allow you to zero the RM66 for your ammo of choice, whether it’s 158 grain .357 Magnum or 130 grain .38 Special. 

The stainless steel revolver has a square butt with wrap-around rubber grip, cushioning your hand during firing configuration for better comfort when shooting full power magnums or 38 Specials. The RM66 features a double action trigger and what the manufacturer claims to be “an unbelievably crisp single action trigger pull”. The full underlug barrel adds additional weight to help manage recoil and muzzle rise. The video below shows all details.

Rossi 3” RP63, the carry gun

The RP63 uses a rounded grip frame to reduce footprint when carried concealed.

Also with a stainless-steel finish the 3”  RP63 is proposed as a carry gun, also perfect for home defense. 

To reduce printing when carried concealed it uses a rounded grip frame. In line with the revolver's intended use, sights are fixed, and the front sight is ramped for a snag-free draw. 

An all-new match-grade trigger should improve shooting experience. Like the longer RM66, the RP63 has a 6-shot steel cylinder and full underlug barrel. Again, the video below visually illustrates all the features.

Rossi RM66 and RP63 revolvers specs and prices

RM66 RP63
.357 Magnum.357 Magnum
Barrel Length: 
6”/152 mm  3”/76 mm
Action Type: 
Single/double  Single/double
Firing System: 
Hammer Fired
Hammer Fired
Cylinder Capacity: 
6 rounds6 rounds
Interchangeable front, fully adjustable rearInterchangeable front, fixed rear
Stainless steel Stainless steel
Overall Length: 
11.14”/283 mm   7.95”/202 mm
5.47”/139 mm5.2”/132 mm
1.46”/37 mm1.46”/37 mm
Weight (w/ Empty Cylinder): 
34.4 oz/975 g

 27.3 oz/774 g

Price (MSRP in the U.S.):