Remington new products for 2019: chassis pistol, subcompact handgun and defensive shotguns

For over 200 years the Remington brand has been standing for innovation and tradition. A tradition that began in 1816 with the first handmade rifle by Eliphalet Remington and continues to this day. The Model 700 rifle and the Model 870 shotgun are today among the world's best selling firearms for the civilian market. Another model that goes down in the history of Remington's formative weapons is the 1911 pistol, which still enjoys great popularity with shooters, hunters and law enforcement/military. Thus, it comes as no surprise that at the SHOT Show 2019 Remington is also coming up with groundbreaking new products, which can only come from its own "The Rock" research facility.

The slightly different "pistol": Remington 700 CP

The new 700 CP Chassis Pistol featuring a classic 700 Short Action and chambered in .223 Remington, .300 Blackout and .308 Winchester is built around the young and lightweight 700 Chassis system. Instead of a full-blown stock, only a Magpul MIAD pistol grip is provided and the M-LOK handguard encases a short 10.5 in / 266 mm barrel (in .223 and .300) or a 12.5" / 317 mm barrel (in .308) with muzzle thread and protector. The chassis pistol is fed from a plastic box magazine with a capacity of 10 cartridges. Other features include the adjustable X Mark Pro match trigger, a full-length optics mounting rail, and a rear single point QD sling adaptor. Price in the US is 1020 USD.

The Remington 700 CP is the rifle version of the 700 rifle.
Rear section with Magpul MIAD pistol grip and rear single point QD sling adaptor. Modern features include the M-LOK light metal handguard and the 10-round magazine.
Instead of a full-blown stock, only a Magpul MIAD pistol grip is provided.
Remington 700 CP in .223 Rem. or .300 BLK with a very short 10.5" barrel.

Remington 700 CP: technical data

Model:700 CP
Caliber:                                                                                                     .308 Winchester (12,5"-barrel)/.223 Rem. and .300 BLK (10,5"-barrel)
Weight:95 oz / 2.7 kg (10.5" barrel) - 98.7 oz / 2.8 kg (12.5" barrel)
Magazine capacity:10
Price:1020 USD (approx 895 euro)

Remington RM380 Executive

Remington RM380 Executive rechte Seite
The "Light Blue Stainless" version of the RM380 Executive should especially appeal to ladies.

Remington introduces the all-metal sub-compact RM380 Executive pistol in .380 Auto (9 mm Short) as a self-defense weapon for concealed carry. Thanks to modern developments in propellants and bullets, this handy pistol with a double-action only trigger can still have a ballistic effect on the target with the comparatively low-performing .380 Auto / 9mm Short caliber. It is very easy to control when firing. Weighing just under 12 oz / 345 grams unloaded, the RM380 Executive features a light-alloy frame, a 2.75 in / 70 mm barrel and a 6-round magazine. Under the barrel, a two-piece recoil spring is arranged in a telescopic system. Further features: low-profile slide catch, ambidextrous magazine release button, checkered front strap with a deep undercut in the transition area from the trigger guard for maximum control and shootability. This pocket gun comes with two magazines, one with extended floor plate. Price in the US is 405 USD.

Subcompact pistol RM380 Executive from Remington.
The Remington RM380 Executive in 9 mm Short with two-tone finish with plywood grips.
The pistol Remington RM380 Executive in 9 mm.
The Remington RM380 Executive is one of the lightweights, weighing just under 345 grams unloaded.

Remington RM380 Executive: technical data

Model:RM380 Executive
.380 ACP (9mm kurz)
12 oz/ 345 g
Magazine capacity:
6 + 1
405 USD (approx 356 euro)

The semi-automatic Remington V3 TAC-13

A trend of the SHOT Show 2019 are extremely compact pump-action or semi-automatic scatterguns. Remington presents the V3 Tac-13 as the ultimate compact defensive weapon. It's easy to understand, after all, it's a beefy semi-automatic shotgun with a light aluminum receiver, a patented, functionally reliable and self-cleaning "VersaPort" gas system, a birdshead pistol grip, a 13 in/ 330 mm barrel and a tubular magazine with a capacity of 5 cartridges. The action easily swallows 70 mm and 76 mm 12 ga cartridges. Firing behavior is always very controllable. Price in the US is 915 USD.

Also new is the 870 Express Tactical Side Folder pump-action shotgun in 12/76 and 20/76 with folding stock, 18.5 in / 470 mm barrel and 6-round tubular magazine. With folded  stock length shortens by 280 mm. The ergonomically improved forend with hand strap is designed to support fast manual repeating positively. A replaceable cheek rest, which comes in three different heights, contributes to shooting comfort when using a bead front sight, iron sights or a red dot sight.

Remington V3 tac-13 auf der SHOT Show
Compact firepower: the ultra-short Remington V3 Tac-13 has a firepower of 5 + 1 rounds in 12/76. Here at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Remington V3 TAC-13: technical data

Model:V3 TAC-13
95 oz / 2.7 kg
Magazine capacity:
Price:                     915 USD (approx 803 euro)

Currently there are no statements from the manufacturer about when the products will come to Europe. They are interesting in any case.

The importer for Europe is Outdoor Marketing International.

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