Remington 700 PCRE: redefining accuracy for high precision rifles

Precision Chassis Rifle Enhanced, abbreviated to PCRE: this is written on the identity card of the new Remington "chassis" type rifle, i.e. built on an aluminum stock that also acts as a supporting frame. This is a type of rifle that is rapidly spreading thanks to its characteristic of combining lightness, modularity and considerable overall rigidity. The latter factor translates into a higher accuracy level.

Remington 700 PCRE: all technical details

The new Remington 700 PCRE rifle is available in 6mm Creedmor, 6.5mm Creedmor and the classic .308 Winchester with a 24”/610 mm heavy barrel, specially designed to meet the needs of the new generation of shooters. Built on the solid and proven action of the 700 model, the 700 PRCE model features an ambidextrous MDT SCS Lite aircraft aluminum stock, totally insensitive to weather changes and designed specifically for prone firing position. The Remington 700 PCRE is also equipped with a Magpul pistol grip, a tactical bolt handle with knurled aluminum knob, and a polymer box magazine. The chassis stock and the hand guard are finished with a Cerakote tungsten surface treatment that guarantees maximum durability while the action has a black Cerakote finish.

The aluminum hand guard features M-Lok slots that allow for the mounting of accessories. The cheek rest is adjustable in height, while stock length can be modified by adding or removing a series of plastic shims behind the recoil pad.

Remington 700 PCRE rifel, right side view
The Remington PCRE is built on an aircraft aluminum chassis designed specifically for prone shooting.

Five groove rifling for maximum precision

The fully floating barrel is made of carbon steel, with a blued finish and fluted; the threaded muzzle allows for the easy mounting of mouth brakes and compensators. The 5R-type rifling with five grooves ensures better accuracy even over longer than standard shooting ranges. Rifling twist is 1:8”.
The Remington 700 PCRE is equipped with two Weaver-type rails inclined by 20 MOA, the first one above the action, the second on the handguard front.
The trigger assembly is the proven X-Mark Pro, fully adjustable from the outside from a pull weight of about 1200 up to 2300 grams.
For this carbine Remington ensures sub-MOA accuracy out of the box, and the accuracy of each rifle is factory tested with CATS (Computer Aided Targeting System). Using a series of four microphones that isolate the shock wave from each bullet in a three-shot test, the CATS computer-aided targeting system triangulates the exact position of the bullet, tracks the coordinates and measures the distance between each shot with absolute accuracy. Each Remington 700 PCRE rifle is accompanied by a printout of the test results.
The price of the Remington 700 PCRE rifle is 2459 euro (this may vary in your country)

Remington 700 PCRE technical specs and price

Model:700 Precision Chassis Rifle Enhanced
Bolt-action rifle
Remington 700 
6mm Creedmoor, 6,5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester 
Barrel Length: 24”/610 mm
Adjustable aluminum chassis
Polymer 5-round
about 141 oz/4 Kg
2459 euro (price may vary in your country due to VAT and import duties)
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