GLOCK 44 in cal .22 LR: something big has come up!

GLOCK 44 with magazine
The new GLOCK 44, here the version with threaded barrel for mounting a suppressor.  

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GLOCK had already aroused the curiosity of international journalists, anticipating the presentation of a "revolutionary" product that would be unveiled in the presence of the world press on December 10. All the experts immediately started to speculate, trying to imagine what that innovative product could be. Theories included an unspecified assault rifle, a submachine gun and even a revolver. Someone, obviously more nostalgic, even theorized that the new GLOCK product could be a hunting lever-action rifle!

How to unravel the mystery? Simple, we at all4shooters went to Deutsch-Wagram, a charming town in Austria where Glock is based and assisted to the presentation.

The GLOCK 44 field-stripped
The GLOCK 44 field-stripped. The magazine holds 10 rounds. 

And finally here is the new GLOCK product: the new G44 in .22 LR caliber features a hybrid steel-polymer slide that can easily withstand the stresses of the small rimfire cartridge. Based on a classic blowback operating system design, the GLOCK 44 exactly replicates the size of the model 19 and is available with standard length or threaded barrel, the latter for the mounting of a suppressor (where allowed by law). It also features interchangeable backstraps and ambidextrous controls with a reversible magazine catch.
The magazine is polymer with a 10-round capacity , a detail that is a bit puzzling since we would have expected a larger capacity, but certainly the Austrian engineers must have their reasons for this choice.

GLOCK 44: technical data and price

604 euro standard version - 700 euro for the threaded barrel version (price may vary in your country due to VAT and import duties)
Caliber:  .22 LR
Magazine capacity: 10 rounds
Barrel length: 
4.02" / 102 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H): 
7.28 x 1.26 x 5.04 in (185 x 32 x 128 mm)
12.63 oz / 358 g (without magazine) - 16.40 oz / 465 g (with loaded magazine)

Exclusive video of the GLOCK 44 with Franco Palamaro /

The GLOCK 44 is offered as a training and informal shooting – aka “plinking” – gun and thanks to its 4.02” / 102 mm barrel promises excellent accuracy. The G44 comes in fact standard with the  GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) . Certainly, its intended market is in the USA where semi-automatic pistols in .22 caliber are widespread and where 9mm and .40 GLOCKs are used by countless law enforcement agencies.

The GLOCK 44 will be available in the USA starting from January 22, 2020.

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For more information please visit the GLOCK website .

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