Special Edition: GLOCK G44 Golden Line and G44 Silver Line – Special editions of the rimfire pistols

The GLOCK G44 in .22 LR has established itself on the market and complements the Austrian manufacturer's centerfire portfolio with a rimfire pistol that enables inexpensive training. To date, a standard version and a version of the rimfire pistol featuring a threaded barrel have been available. GLOCK is now expanding the G44 model series with the Golden and Silver Line. The two new models are characterised by the eponymous colour accents in the form of a silver or gold line at the lower end of the slide flanks. But first an overview of the technology behind the G44 pistol:

The GLOCK G44 rimfire pistol in detail

The two versions of the GLOCK G44 available to date, including the threaded barrel version, have the same specs except for the barrel. The standard version is based on the compact size of the GLOCK G19 GEN5 and has a 104-mm long barrel, while the model with threaded barrel has a 124-mm long barrel, supplemented by an M9x0.75 thread. The Golden and Silver Line only come without a threaded barrel.

The GLOCK G44 rimfire pistol. Shown here with its magazines optimised for rimfire cartridges.

The sights of the pistol are made of polymer and can be adjusted using a screwdriver. This material is also used in the upper part of the slide, whereby only the lower millimetres to the grip frame are surrounded by a steel "cage". GLOCK itself calls this a polymer-steel hybrid slide. This design helps to reduce the overall weight. The internal components, such as the barrel, slide rails and the trigger group, are made of steel, in keeping with the tradition of other GLOCK models. All in all, the GLOCK G44 has an astonishingly low weight. When unloaded, it weighs just 415 grams. By comparison, the GLOCK G19 in 9 mm Luger weighs 600 grams. Even the Walther P22Q, a rimfire pistol of similar design, is significantly heavier than the G44, with a weight of 480 grams.

A characteristic feature of the GLOCK G44 is its blowback action, which has been optimised for use with the relatively weak .22 LR. In contrast to the centerfire GLOCK models, the top of the cartridge chamber of the G44 is therefore not flush with the slide top. The barrel is correspondingly fixed. A chamber peep hole serves as an additional safety feature for checking the loading status.

In terms of operation and safety features, the G44 is in no way inferior to the "larger" models. It is equipped with the familiar Safe Action system, which locks the trigger and firing pin if the centre trigger blade is not pulled. Handling and disassembly of the gun are also the same as other models from the manufacturer. We have already tested the G44 extensively at all4shooters.com.

Eye-catching colour accents: the new Golden Line and Silver Line of the GLOCK G44.

Prices and availability of the Golden and Silver Line versions of the GLOCK G44

The two new versions of the G44 Special Edition now come with the eponymous colour accents in gold or silver. The "golden line" and the "silver line" are each located on the steel parts of the hybrid slide, giving the pistol a striking appearance that stands out from the usual look of a GLOCK. According to the manufacturer, the Golden Line and Silver Line versions are only available for a limited time. In addition, a comparison between the manufacturer's US. and European websites reveals that these special models, which are also of interest to GLOCK collectors, are apparently only available in Europe. The two new G44 pistols from the Special Edition can currently be ordered from specialist dealers at a price of 695.99 euros each (RRP – price in your contry may be different due to VAT and import duties).

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