New polymer pistols from Glock: G49 Gen5 MOS in 9 mm Luger, G29 Gen5 in 10 mm Auto and G30 Gen5 in .45 Auto

The new G49 from Glock combines a G19 polymer grip with a G17 slide with a correspondingly long sight radius. 

Please turn it around: last year Glock surprised us with the G47 Gen5 MOS in 9x19, which is basically a full-fledged safe action service pistol with a special G17 grip with shortened dust cover and G17 slide with extended slide ring. This means that this pistol can also be combined with a G19 slide if required. At first glance, the G47 service pistol of the US Customs and Border Protection Agency can hardly be distinguished from an ordinary G17 Gen5 MOS. The brand new G49 Gen5 MOS in 9 mm Luger, on the other hand, consists of a G19 frame in combination with a G17 slide. This gives it more compact dimensions than the G17 for concealed carry, but still has the advantages of a longer sight radius and higher ballistic performance. Of course, the former advantage is mainly important when using the mechanical sights. If you are working with a mini red dot sight, which can be mounted quickly and easily thanks to the G49 MOS interface, the sight radius is of little importance. Only if the "red dot" were to fail and the rear sight and front sight were to be used as a backup plan would the sight radius become relevant again for demanding shots at small targets or further distances. Logically, the magazine capacity of the G49 with 15 cartridges is reduced by two cartridges compared to a G17 with 17 cartridges, but this should be manageable. According to the manufacturer, the Glock G49 will probably only be available for a limited period of time, without the company giving any specific quantities or dates.

Two powerful subcompacts: Glock G29 Gen5 and G30 Gen5

Powerful dwarfs: the sub-compact Glock pistols G29 Gen5 in 10 mm Auto and G30 Gen5 in .45 Auto with a capacity of 10+1 cartridges. 

Even an experienced shooter needs to be able to get to grips with the new Glock G29 and G30 Gen5 subcompact pistols in the powerful 10 mm Auto and .45 Auto, aka .45 ACP, if he/she wants to master them perfectly in (rapid) fire. These extremely handy poison dwarfs are predestined for concealed carry. Especially in the USA, the 10 mm Auto once favored by "combat guru" Jeff Cooper has experienced a real comeback and the former U.S. Army service caliber .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP), inseparably linked to the immortal Colt Government 1911 by countless manufacturers in many variations, is still very popular on the other side of the pond. With the 5th generation, the G29 and G30 have been brought up to date both technically and ergonomically: Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB) with increased accuracy, polymer frame without finger grooves at the front and with interchangeable backstraps for an improved hand position, ambidextrous slide stop lever and flared magazine well, as well as front slide serrations. Both models have a magazine capacity of ten cartridges each

Glock Performance Trigger also for Gen4 and other models

The optional Glock Performance Trigger can now also be used for fourth-generation Glock pistols and for models in .22 LR, .357 SIG and .40 S&W thanks to technical changes to details and a new slide back plate. 

The highly recommended, in-house match trigger called Glock Performance Trigger (GPT) is now available for additional pistol models/calibers. Thanks to technical modifications and a new rear slide back plate included in the scope of delivery, the GPT is now also compatible with fourth-generation Glock pistols. Of course, it also fits the new G49, so that a total of eight models in 9x19mm can now be equipped with the GPT (G17 Gen4 & Gen5, G19 Gen4 & Gen5, G19X, G26 Gen4 & Gen5, G34 Gen4 and Gen5, G45, G47). In .40 Smith & Wesson caliber, the G22, G23, G27 (all Gen4 & Gen5) and G35 (Gen4) models can be fitted with the GPT. In .357 SIG caliber, the G31, G32 and G33 models (all Gen4) can now be retrofitted with the original manufacturer's match trigger. It is pleasing that the G44 rimfire pistol can also be fitted with the GPT. If, for cost reasons, you train with a Glock chambered in centerfire and rimfire cartridges (with the advantage of always identical operation), the shooter has the option of equipping the pistols with the match trigger.

The manufacturer naturally recommends that the Glock Performance Trigger should only be installed by certified "Glock Armorers".  

You can find out more about the manufacturer Glock and its product range here on the Glock website.

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