B&T APC9 Pro pistol in 9mm caliber – Details and video

The B&T APC9 Pro 9mm pistol is the evolved version of the already well-known APC – which remains in production under the name “Classic” – with a series of interesting features and new details. Unlike the previous model, the APC9 Pro is in fact available with a lower receiver that accepts the magazines of GLOCK G17 pistols in 9mm caliber.

It has all ambidextrous controls, a new non-reciprocating charging handle – which is also ambidextrous – and the pistol grip can be replaced with all the already existing aftermarket parts compatible with the AR15/M4 platform.

The stock can be folded on the left side, making the gun extremely compact, and an Aimpoint ACRO red point sight is factory fitted on the top rail. The supplied magazine has a capacity of 20 rounds and the price is not yet announced.

VIDEO: B&T APC9 Pro 9mm pistol with folding stock

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