New B&T suppressors and gun components for 2020

B&T Impuls-OLS – New suppressors for many pistol types

Especially for special units in the police or military, every gram of equipment counts during dynamic operations. The Impuls-OLS pistol silencer in 9x19 mm was therefore designed by B&T with a consistent focus on minimal weight and good noise reduction. Based on the proven Impuls-IIA, the Impuls-OLS is not only an ideal choice for the above-mentioned user groups but also – where allowed by law – for civilians. It can be used on many different types of pistols, provided the same connection thread is used. The Impuls-OLS is available with different threads according to customer specifications and can therefore be adapted to practically all commercially available pistols. The Impuls-OLS is available in normal length and in a compact version.

The B&T Impuls-OLS suppressor in standard and compact design, here seen from the front (bullet exit opening)
B&T Impuls-OLS in standard and compact design, seen from the rear (connection point).
B&T Reduced Backpressure Suppressor (RBS) 556 suppressor for assault rifles and machine guns in 5.56x45 mm NATO/.223 Remington.

RBS – The "Reduced Backpressure Suppressor" from B&T

As sensible as the use of silencers is in police and military applications, the escape of the retained gases from the ejection port is irritating for the shooter and has disadvantages in combat. B&T successfully solved this problem as early as 2013 when designing the MP9 suppressor with the invention of the low-pressure expansion chamber.

B&T Reduced Backpressure Suppressor (RBS) 762 suppressor for assault rifles and machine guns in 7.62x51 mm NATO/.308 Winchester.

Since the gases ejected backwards when firing large numbers of shots with assault rifles or machine guns make it difficult for the shooter to breathe, B&T has now transferred the principle of the low-pressure expansion chamber to silencers to long guns. The RBS ("Reduced Backpressure Suppressor") significantly reduces the combustion gases ejected from the ejection port. The low-pressure expansion chamber only minimally increases the suppressor's size and weight compared to conventional silencers, while muzzle flash and noise are suppressed similarly well as with the proven B&T suppressors. The RBS is available in 5.56mm (.223) and 7.62mm (.308) calibers, each in a ready-to-mount version for various muzzle threads as well as with a newly developed quick release that fits all NATO A2 muzzle flash hiders.

MP5 telescopic stock – B&T combat effectiveness improvement for a Heckler & Koch classic

Despite its age, the Heckler & Koch MP5 is still in use by many police agencies worldwide. As part of the combat effectiveness improvement,  in recent years many users have upgraded and retrofitted the weapon with B&T parts (handguards, optic mounts). At the same time, various agencies have repeatedly asked B&T for a well thought-out telescopic stock. Since B&T offers such a telescopic stock for their own APC, this request was gladly fulfilled. The new B&T telescopic stock is effective in every respect. It is up to 2.44”/62 mm shorter than comparable stocks when closed, it can be extended immediately without using a lever and it features 3 locking positions for optimal adaptation to the shooter and his equipment. In addition to the above-mentioned improvements, B&T also succeeded in reducing the stock weight to 17.4 oz/495 g, which is between 21% and 47% lighter than comparable stocks.

B&T USW pistol chassis for CZ P-10 F and C

The success of the B&T "Universal Service Weapon" (USW) as well as the B&T USW-G chassis has stirred the interest of law enforcement agencies and sport shooters to have this innovative and accurate system also available for other popular pistols. B&T is pleased to meet these customer requests with the introduction of a USW chassis for the CZ P-10 F and CZ P-10 C. The USW P-10 conversion kits are the ultimate add-on for the CZ P-10 F and the P-10 C. They offer the operator the choice of using the gun both in the conventional way as well as with the built-in foldable stock, with the transition taking less than a second. Thanks to a well thought-out design, the operator can mount an optional red dot sight on top of the chassis and use the original open sights as back-up. This considerably increases the probability of a first shot jit with the shoulder-supported service pistol.

The B&T USW chassis with folding stock is now also available for the Czech CZ P-10 F and C polymer service pistols.
The B&T USW chassis with folding stock now also available for the Czech CZ P-10 F and C polymer service pistols. Here, the stock is deployed.

Further information about silencers and gun accessories can be found on the B&T website.

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