B&T StarLite: a compact, modular hunting suppressor with "military technology" – Highly effective and very rugged

In terms of design and technology, the new StarLite hunting/sport suppressor is an offshoot of the proven Rotex and Impuls-IIA suppressors manufactured by the Swiss specialist B&T. The manufacturer's expertise from the professional-military sector was already incorporated in its hunting suppressors in terms of quality and performance, and has now been further developed on this basis: the StarLite is a particularly compact suppressor that contains mainly military technology, but is tailored to the needs of hunters.

B&T's suppressors must be able to withstand enormous stress in official use and in military applications (for example, full-auto fire). However, a hunter or sport shooter will never stress a silencer that way. This means that there are more possibilities during the design phase to adapt the functionality of the suppressor to these applications.

Despite its smaller size, the StarLite offers excellent noise suppression as well as good muzzle flash reduction thanks to a specially adapted design. At the same time, the weight of the suppressor remains pleasantly low thanks to the use of high-strength aluminum.

B&T StarLite silencer: high flexibility for hunting in functionality and mounting thanks to new thread adapters

The StarLite suppressors are highly adaptable. They are downward compatible, so they can also be used on rifles in smaller calibers. Since different rifles often have different muzzle threads, B&T offers a total of 10 different metric and imperial thread adapters. This way  customers don't have to buy two silencers, but can use an inexpensive adapter to quickly and easily mount their suppressor on different rifles.

With a length of 7”/180 mm at a diameter of 1.9”/50 mm, the StarLite is available for three caliber groups: ≤ 6.2 mm / .243", ≤ 7.62 mm / .308" and ≤ 9.3 mm / .366". Noise reduction is up to 34 dB. 

For years, the use of suppressors in hunting has been continuously increasing. The hearing of hunters and hunting dogs is reliably protected and the scaring of game is reduced. Further advantages should not be underestimated: due to the much lower recoil, you can stay on the target after shooting and keep a much better overview of the action thanks to the optics.

Also the withdrawal of game can be followed more closely and the increased stability helps to achieve more precision for a possible follow-up shot. A better overview is also ensured by the suppression of the muzzle flash, which can blind the shooter at dusk and at night.

For use in rifles with short barrels and suppressors, special ammunition is recommended, such as the RWS Performance Line Short Rifle

More information about B&T silencers can be found on the Swiss manufacturer's website.

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