B&T TP-380 semi-automatic defensive pistol

The Swiss-made B&T TP-380 semi-automatic pistol – basically a scaled-down version of the already well-established TP9 – comes back to the IWA OutdoorClassics expo in Nuremberg, exactly where it was first showcased one year ago. Only this time, it is almost ready: the first batches should go out of the factory in a month or so.

The B&T TP-380 is a locked-breech, blowback-operated semi-automatic firearm built around a lightweight alloy structure encased in polymer, and feeding through translucent double-stack magazines holding twelve, twenty, twenty-five or thirty rounds of .380 ACP ammunition; it is 251mm long overall with its polymer stock side-folded, and 451mm with the stock unfolded, and despite the mean-looking outlines it's quite compact and easy to carry, as well as a true featherweight – barely 950 grams heavy without a magazine. 

The 128mm-long barrel sports a threaded muzzle, allowing the use of sound suppressors (where legal) or other muzzle attachments such as compensators or flash hiders.

Other features of the B&T TP-380 include: a 4,5kg trigger pull and an integrated trigger safety; a standard cross-bolt safety, a grip-mounted magazine release catch and a standard bolt hold-open release lever; Ghost Ring-style fixed sights; a short top MIL-STD-1913 “Picatinny” rail for optical sights; and another short rail under the dust cover, providing an attachment point for tactical accessories.

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