Extrema Ratio Silente, a unique knife

The Italian company Extrema Ratio already created some knives for Italian and foreign Special Forces and law enforcement agencies such as the GIGN (the special unit of the French national Gendarmerie). Following this tradition, the Extrema Ratio Silente knife, that was presented as a prototype at the IWA 2019, celebrates 40 years of  NOCS (Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza) since foundation. One of Italy's finest counterterrorism forces, among the unit’s most famous actions in 1982 a 12-man section freed US Army Brigadier General James Dozier, who had been held hostage by Red Brigades terrorists for 42 days. The NOCS operators didn’t have to fire a single shot.

In the occasion of the 40 Years Ceremony, the knife was presented to the unit, to authorities, to Italian Interior Minister and to Italian Police Chief. 

Extrema Ratio Silente, “Silent as the night”

The Silente – whose name comes from the NOCS motto, “Sicut nox silentes” (“Silent as the night”) – is indeed a unique knife designed for unique purposes.

The handle is divided in two parts and it works also as the grip of a clamp placed at the end of the handle itself. Besides taking hold of everything that has the appropriate dimensions, the clamp can be used to cut wire meshes, wire rods, steel cables, etc. and it can be used as a glass breaker thanks to the tungsten carbide insert placed at its end.

The sheath protects the cutting part while using the clamp in safety, but it can also release the blade with a retention system that can be activated quickly and silently. It can also be fixed at thigh or on MOLLE system and is integrated into the operator's equipment using the least possible space.

All Extrema Ratio knives are made from N690 Cobalt Stainless Steel that, along with special tempering methods, offers great strength and flexibility with the capability to take and retain a razor sharp edge.

The Extrema Ratio Silente will be available from June 2019 – price hasn’t been confirmed yet.

For more information please visit Extrema Ratio website

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