Counterfeit Extrema Ratio knives: the first sentence against forgery

After nearly five years of trial, the Ravenna Court, in Italy, sentenced the person who illegaly imported 120 counterfeit Extrema Ratio “Fulcrum” bayonets, a judgement that marks a turning point in the fight against counterfeit knives. In late December 2010 the Guardia di Finanza, the Italian Financial Police, found hints of a traffic of counterfeit Fulcrum bayonets; a shop was exhibiting one of them which looked suspicious. Further investigation led to the seizing of a whole load of bayonets in the harbour of Ravenna. The company logos and the “Made in Italy” mark were engraved on the blades, while cardboard boxes featured the “Made in China” script.

It was the first seizing in Italy of this type of goods, although it was well known that poor quality copies of the Extrema Ratio bayonets (and other types of knives) were around, some being even shown by Chinese manufacturers at a major international weapons exhibition. The seized bayonets had the blades sharpened only on one side, however for the Italian law the presence of the rifle mount made them part of the weapons category.

The dealer was accused for having acquired and received counterfeit knives, introduced products with a counterfeit brand on  Italian territory, illegaly importing bayonets without the prescribed Police authorisation, importing products featuring a false indication regarding their country of origin. The defendant has been sentenced to two years and nine months of jail and to a 3,500 € fine. Moreover the Judge ruled that the defendant refund damages suffered by Extrema Ratio, and to pay judgment costs.

Extrema Ratio welcomed with satisfaction the sentence, which marks a step forward in the fight against counterfeit weapons, a plague that generates huge losses to the company. This sentence reinforces the company determination in fighting counterfeiting and illegal distribution of false products featuring its brand.

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