Extrema Ratio

Extrema Ratio Knife Division

Extrema Ratio is a company based in Prato, Italy, which since its foundation in 1997 is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of professional knives for the military, law enforcement and rescue . The company's philosophy is to produce technical equipment of excellent functional value, long service life and consistent quality at a reasonable cost for law enforcement agencies and institutional customers.

Knives production combines industrial and handmade finishing processes , and some checks and essential operations that require manual skills, such as flat sharpening, are exclusively done by hand.
Extrema Ratio draws upon the collaboration of the Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Perugia, that takes care of the ergonomic aspects of its products, while the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Florence takes care of the tests and analyses on structures, materials and surface finishes.

The production potential is sufficient to guarantee large-scale government supplies with very high quality standards. The company is ISO 9001 certified and a registered NATO supplier with NATO (N/CAGE) code: AD856.

Official supplier of international military forces

Extrema Ratio is currently the official supplier of military, survival and tactical knives for the Italian and French Armed Forces (with which it actively cooperates) and is the supplier of the best Italian and international military and law enforcement units.

In the Extrema Ratio catalog we find both knives – mostly with fixed blade – designed exclusively for Special Forces and folding or fixed knives for civilian users and collectors. As far as the first category is concerned, we can mention the Requiem , a compact fixed blade knife, suitable for military professional use, or the S.E.R.E. 2 GOI adopted by the Italian Navy's “Gruppo Operativo Incursori”.

Some Extrema Ratio models are available in commemorative versions, such as the Nimbus , designed in collaboration with the 183rd "Nembo" Paratrooper Regiment of the Italian Army to commemorate the battle of Case Grizzano. on April 19, 1945, in which the paratroopers of the Nembo's 2nd Battalion bitterly clashed with German paratroopers of the 1st Fallschirmjäger-Division, coming out decimated but victorious.

Among the folding knives, Extrema Ratio offers very rugged models such as the HF1 and HF2 .

As for the knives dedicated to the civilian market, but still strongly characterized by Extrema Ratio's aesthetics and technology, we can mention the Panthera , an elegant liner-lock knife derived from the T-Razor model and featuring the "high speed razor opening", or the Resolza , a nice reinterpretation of a classic Sardinian knife that some improperly call "Pattada". There are also suggestive models that make the joy of the most curious collectors, like the Mamba and Black Mamba models , whose design recalls the Japanese blades.

In short, not only tactical knives, but a product range whose common denominator is quality without compromise.

To learn more about Extrema Ratio knives please visit the manufacturer's website .