SHOT Show 2023 – The most important news from the third day of the world's largest gun show in Las Vegas

Day 3 of the SHOT Show and our all4shooters author team Tanja and Marijan Loch are still scouring the huge trade fair area in Las Vegas for interesting innovations. Discover here in words and pictures what the two have tracked down on the third day of the most important gun show, not only in the USA. 

Even more novelties and news from SHOT Show 2023

Many top European manufacturers have now set up branches in the USA and so the world's largest arms fair is now almost a home game for them, where they can present some of what will be on sale in the course of the year to an enthusiastic audience. So that you also know what will soon be on sale in our country or will remain reserved for the U.S. market. We summarize the highlights that our team discovered on the third day of the fair for you here. 

One more note: we will keep adding more news to this article throughout the day. So that you are always up to date, you should regularly check here with us on the page.

Exclusive: The video from Day 3 of the SHOT Show 2023

Handguns at SHOT Show 2023

Carl Walther: final spurt of the P99 AS and successes with the PDP

Walther P99 AS "Final Edition"
The last appearance? The Walther P99 AS is nearing the end of its production run with the "Final Edition," after more than a quarter century.
Walther WMP
Chambered in .22 Magnum caliber, the Walther WMP is fed from a 15-round magazine.

After 26 years, Carl Walther heralds the end of an era with the P99 AS Final Edition. Production of the polymer service pistol, which was groundbreaking in many respects, began in 1996. The "P99 AS Final Edition" comes with an OD Green frame and the special engraving "Final Edition" on the slide in a limited special edition. But Walther was not only nostalgic. They also presented the modern Walther WMP, a polymer pistol with a 15-round magazine in the .22 Magnum caliber popular in the U.S., which makes it high-capacity but still handy. Also on display was the complete Walther PDP family of pistols, including the F-Series. And who better to demonstrate the PDP than the newly crowned IPSC World Champion Luke Cao from the USA? At the 2022 IPSC World Championship in Thailand, Cao won the Production Optics Light Division with a Walther PDP full size 5". 

Beretta: limited edition pistols as well as shotguns for the tactical user and hunter

The new Beretta 80X Cheetah has already been presented in detail by

We have already reported on one of the Beretta novelties at this year's SHOT, namely the 80X Cheetah in 9mm short (.380 ACP), a compact pistol for self-defense and concealed carry, available in a special edition with a bronze-colored frame. The novelties of the Italian manufacturer did not end there, of course, and at their booth at the SHOT Show there was also the new Beretta 92 XI SAO Launch Edition to admire: a full-size semi-automatic pistol with double-stack magazine and single-action trigger, of particular interest to sport shooters. But it's also for anyone who wants or needs to open carry a full-size duty pistol without compromising performance. This pistol represents the culmination of the 90 series. The Beretta 92 XI SAO pistol in 9mm Luger is built on the Vertec M9A4 frame with a straight backstrap. The double-stack magazines have a capacity of 10, 15 and 18 rounds, so the pistol also meets the vast majority of local regulations. From a technical standpoint, the 92 XI SAO offers shooters an ambidextrous, frame-mounted manual safety lever that is quick and easy to use during hectic competition periods. The magazine release button is also oversized and easily reversible. To improve ambidextrous grip, the front of the trigger guard is straight and finely fluted. A pair of Hogue walnut grips add a touch of elegance that never hurts. 

The new Beretta 92XI SAO at SHOT Show 2023.

The Beretta 92XI SAO features the Xtreme-S single-action flat-faced trigger. All components of the trigger assembly are finished with a DLC surface treatment that improves smoothness. The skeletonized hammer completes the package, offering an extremely crisp and precise release. The rear sight and front sight are adjustable and feature fiber optic inserts for faster target acquisition. The MRDS option allows red dot optics to be mounted directly on the slide. The Beretta 92 XI SAO is available with Cerakote ceramic finish and in a new color line of standard and limited edition variants. The suggested retail price is $1,199, which is approximately the same amount in euros. 

Long gun novelties of the SHOT Show 2023

The Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol is a 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun designed specifically for law enforcement, SWAT and special forces use. It is an evolution of the gas-operated A300 semi-automatic platform, featuring a 48-centimeter barrel in 12 gauge with a chrome-lined bore and muzzle thread for mounting interchangeable mobile chokes. Manual controls such as the charging handle, bolt release and safety button (which is also reversible) are oversized, as is the loading port, all with tactical gloved operators in mind. On the 7075 aluminum receiver with black or dark gray Cerakote coating is a "Ghost Ring" type rear sight that works in conjunction with a blade front sight protected by side ears that can be easily replaced. In front of the rear sight there is a Picatinny rail with seven slots that allows reliable mounting of any type of optics. There is full compatibility with aftermarket mounts already on the market for the Beretta 1301 Tactical. The polymer stock is a compact semi-pistol grip design that greatly enhances handling and maneuverability, while the tapered fore-end features a very effective and "grippy" taper and provides a standard M-Lok interface for mounting additional accessories. The barrel clamp that connects the barrel to the 7+1-round tubular magazine also has an M-Lok slot and an attachment for the tactical quick-release belt. The retail price of the Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol is $1,099.

Now also for LE and military users: the Beretta A300 in the Ultima Patrol variant.
For the hunter: The Beretta 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon is now also available in 12 and 20 ga.

Let's end our compilation with a hunting-themed shotgun, the new 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon, a buck shotgun in 12 and 20 gauges that joins a line that already includes versions in 28 ga and .410 bore. Available in Field and Sporting versions, the 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon features a low profile box lock action and side plates hand-engraved and engraver-signed with hunting scenes. 

The pistol stock and forend with half beavertail (Field version) or Schnabel profile (Sporting version) are made of grade 3 walnut selected for grain and color. Fine hand finished checkering and a high quality oil finish complete this important part of the rifle. 

Practical and for the eye: the Beretta 687 EEL Diamond Pigeon comes to the customer in an elegant case.

The Field model has a wooden recoil pad, while the Sporting model has a rubber recoil pad. Another difference between the models is the manual safety: the Sporting version has a manual control, while the Field version has an automatic safety. The barrels are cold hammered to ensure concentricity and strength; they are then hand polished and blued for a satin finish. 

The barrels of the 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon measure 76 centimeters (30") in the 20-gauge version, while the 12-gauge version offers a choice of 81 and 76 centimeters (32" and 30", respectively). The MSRP of the Beretta 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon, which comes in an elegant case with accessories, is $8,299.

Sako: Sako 100 Explorer anniversary bolt-action rifle

The Sako 100 Explorer hunting rifle, shown here with walnut stock including adjustable cheek piece, will come in various calibers. Barrels can be changed quickly.

Finnish arms and ammunition manufacturer Sako celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021. The delivery of the Sako 100 Explorer hunting rifle announced for the anniversary should be expected "sometime during this year": the fancy piece was also shown in Las Vegas, sometime available (otherwise identical in construction) with walnut or carbon stock and adjustable cheek piece in each case. Barrel change should be quick. 

The 100 Explorer comes with manual cocking, but manual safety is available on request. Readers of have already learned more details, including a video.

New ammo at the at SHOT Show 2023

Pistol and revolver cartridges and hunting ammunition from Norma

At the Swedish ammunition manufacturer's recently renamed Norma Precision Inc. subsidiary, in addition to the sporting and defensive cartridges offered exclusively in the U.S., there was also hunting ammunition on display that is also available in Europe.

Norma Precision Inc. is a subsidiary of Beretta Holding Company. Following Beretta's acquisition last year of RUAG Ammotec, to which the Swedish parent company had belonged since 2002, the company changed its name from Norma USA to Norma Precision Inc. in August. The Norma brand enjoys a great reputation in the U.S., where it is known among other things for its handgun cartridges, which are only available on the U.S. market. To serve the large U.S. market, Norma Precision is currently building a large ammo factory in the United States. Among other things, precision ammunition for sport shooters, special forces and police and security forces will be manufactured there.

The new NXD defensive ammunition has a specially shaped bullet made of a copper-polymer mixture. This allows for lightweight bullets with low recoil but high velocity, which are also claimed to bring a great stopping power.   

Among the cartridge types offered only in the U.S. is the current NXD (Non Expanding Defensive) ammunition. Norma NXD ammunition uses a specially designed, non-expanding  injection molded copper-polymer bullet. Unlike hollow point bullets, the Norma NXD bullet can't clog and is claimed to bring tremendous stopping power thanks to its design. The lighter bullet material also reduces recoil, while bullet velocity is increased compared to lead bullets of the same size. This gives the shooter better control of his gun, especially in an emergency. At the Norma booth, the NXD cartridges were on display in 9mm Luger, .380 Auto, 10mm Auto and also .45 ACP.

Norma's new 165-gr EcoStrike in .30-06 Springfield expands this lead-free hunting cartridge line, which is also available on the European market.

The new Norma Extreme 22-LR long range cartridge, which is aimed at U.S. target shooters, will also not find its way across the pond. With the rimfire cartridge, Norma is picking up on the trend towards rimfire long-range shooting that has been growing in the USA for a few years and has now also arrived in Europe. The new cartridge uses a special 43-gr bullet that is less susceptible to wind and is said to have high inherent accuracy.

In terms of hunting ammunition, the Swedish parent company continues to supply the cartridge, which is distributed on the U.S. market via Norma Precision Inc. This means that American hunters can also hunt their game with the lead-free EcoStrike cartridges available here, such as the brand new Norma 165-gr EcoStrike in .30-06 Springfield. New cartridges include a 150-gr variant of the EcoStrike Silencer in .30-06 and in .308 Winchester, optimized for hunting with a silencer. In .308 Win. there is also a new TipStrike Silencer with a 175-gr bullet. Not least thanks to the good reputation from the sport and law enforcement sector, interest in the European hunting ammo at the Norma booth was then also very high at the SHOT Show.

Optics at SHOT Show 2023

Burris: Veracity PH 4-20x50 riflescope, Signature LRF Rangefinder

Burris Signature 10x42
The Burris Signature LRF binoculars with fast rangefinder function come with 10x42 magnification.
Burris ZF Veracity PH
The Burris Veracity PH 4-20x50 riflescope works closely with the BurrisConnect app to adjust measured values directly to the point of impact.

The U.S. optics manufacturer Burris covers the entire range of uses with its 2023 innovations. The Burris Veracity PH 4-20x50 riflescope features the PEK (Programmable Elevation Knob) system, a built-in Heads-Up Display (HUD) with Bluetooth connectivity for uploading custom ballistic data from the new BurrisConnect mobile app. A digital position sensor in the scope's click-less (!) elevation turret allows for 1/10 MOA accurate adjustment for near-exact dial-in to distances. All you have to do is aim at the target with any rangefinder, set the distance displayed on the scope, and shoot – at least that's what the manufacturer says. The Burris Signature LRF rangefinder series is characterized by particularly fast focusing and measuring devices, such as binoculars with the advantage of stereo vision in 10x42, or the handy Signature LRF 2000 with sevenfold magnification and a measuring range between 5 and 2400 yards (Burris apparently accidentally calls it "Siganture" several times on its website, and so it is already listed in online stores).

Flagship of Steiner's new T6Xi series: the 5-30x56.

Steiner with new T6Xi riflescope series for law enforcement and target shooters 

At SHOT Show 2023, optics manufacturer Steiner will be showing a new series of riflescopes for use by LE and also for sport applications: the new series goes by the name T6Xi and features – as can be guessed from the name – a 6x zoom factor. Specifically, the new series includes four glasses: the T6Xi 5-30×56 for long-range shooting, the two models T6Xi 3-18×56 and T6Xi 2.5-15×50 as universal glasses for medium to long distances, and the T6Xi 1-6×24 for close range. As usual from Steiner, this series also places high value on the robustness of the optics. The CNC-manufactured aluminum housings are waterproof and fogproof and defy most climatic conditions. The Never-Lost technology protects the flat turrets from loss.

All riflescopes in the new series come with four night and seven daytime illumination levels. The smallest glass in the series features the new Steiner KC-1 reticle, while the three larger ones come with either the Steiner MSR2 or SCR Special Competition Reticles. In the U.S., prices for the new T6Xi series range from $1,954.99 to $2,874.99. 

Entering the reflex sight market: German Precision Optics with the Reflex Dot

The new GPO Reflex Dot finds its field of application on both handguns and long guns.

At SHOT Show 2023, GPO made its entry into the reflex sight market: the company will show the GPO Reflex Dot. The new red dot is intended by the manufacturer in particular as a primary optic on pistols or as a secondary optic on precision rifles. It comes with dimensions of 23×26.5×40.6 mm and weighs only 22 grams – 15 percent less than comparable competing products, GPO notes.

Optically, it has modern polymer lenses that have been coated with the in-house GPObright technology for a higher transmission rate. In addition, as a modern sight, it brings a whole range of features for the user: a photo sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the 3-millimeter dot. There is also no rubber push button for switching on/off, the Reflex Dot is always ready for use – a built-in motion sensor takes care of that. In addition, the battery (CR1632 type) with a life of 25,000 hours stated by the manufacturer is mounted in such a way that the GPO Reflex Dot does not need to be dismounted for replacement. The aluminum housing is completely waterproof. The shooter performs zeroing with precisely working, tactile and audible screws on the side of the housing.

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