SHOT Show 2023 – The most important news from the second day of the world's largest gun show in Las Vegas

On the second day, Tanja and Marijan Loch were again on the road for you in Las Vegas. There were all kinds of new products from well-known brands to discover. Some are already known to the team from the Industry Day at the Range, others are completely new.

The top new products from SHOT Show 2023 – Part 2

The halls in Las Vegas are well filled. Not only with many visitors, all looking for the top innovations, but especially with the exhibitors and their product premieres for this year, of course. We show you what our team of authors was able to discover.

One more note: we will continue to update this article throughout the day to provide you with more news. So it's worth checking in or updating regularly!

Exclusive video: Day 2 of the SHOT Show 2023 the innovations directly from the exhibition

Handguns at SHOT Show 2023

Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy 9 mm Luger 

It is not for nothing that the famous US manufacturer Springfield Armory has named its fresh 1911 high-capacity pistol in 9 mm Luger caliber "Prodigy". Because it impresses with the highest practicality paired with aesthetics down to the smallest detail.  

On the range: the Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy convinces with its overall construction and with the successful design features and practical details.

The classic single-action pistol is built on a  a forged steel frame combined with  polymer grip module for double-stack magazines with a capacity of 17 cartridges. Optional extended magazines are also available with a capacity of 20 or 26 rounds. As with other familiar 2011-build pistols from STI or SVI/Infinity Firearms, the steel frame superstructure serves as the slide guide and the polymer grip substructure serves as the actual grip. Here, the frame superstructure and slide are made of forged steel with Cerakote surface coating.

Debuting at SHOT Show 2023: Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy in the 5-inch variant. 

Inside the slide sits a choice of 4.25"/108mm or 5"/127mm match-grade bull barrel without bushing and with an 11-degree match crown, which of course has a link and two lugs according to JMB's original design. A two-piece, muzzle-length telescoping recoil spring assembly is supported under the barrel. The slide with rear and front cocking serrations is red-dot ready. The AOS (Agency Optic System) was developed in close cooperation with Agency Arms and includes a variety of mounting plates machined from stainless steel for all common mini red dot sights and their different footprints. The MRDS (Mini Red Dot Sight) mounting plate directly integrates the high elevation rear sight which, in conjunction with the high light gathering front sight, ensures co-witness (matching visual line of mechanical sight and MRDS). Of course, the long dust cover is equipped with a Picatinny rail for mounting a gun light or laser module. Springfield Armory has worked for decades with world-renowned top shooters and shooting instructors, such as seven-time IPSC World Champion and 24-time USPSA Champion Rob Leatham (TGO = The Great One), who has won countless other trophies in the IPSC/Action world with Bianchi Cup and Steel Challenge. You can see that in the new Prodigy's many details, such as the specially contoured trigger guard, the double-sided thumb safety, the palm safety for a high shooting hand position, the magwell or the aggressive grip surface texture. In the U.S., the 1911 hi-cap pistol comes with a cover plate for the MRDS interface and an additional MRDS mounting plate, both with rear sights.

Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 and M&P 9 M 2.0 Competitor pistols

Extremely slim and powerful: the new Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 mm in 5.7x28 with a firepower of 22+1 cartridges.

The innovative new Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 pistol in 5.7x28mm features a gas-operated, locked-breech, rotating barrel system. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of shooting modern submachine guns in 4.6 or 5.7 mm callibers such as the FN P90 or Heckler & Koch MP7 knows about the incredibly well-controlled, tame firing behaviour of these special calibers. In the USA, these cartridges are also available on the civilian market and many manufacturers offer corresponding handguns and rifles, such as Ruger with the Ruger 5.7 pistol, which was introduced a few years ago. While the Ruger pistol in 5.7x28 uses a delayed blowback system, the marketing specialists at S&W have christened the new rotating barrel system of the M&P 5.7 "Tempo". When fired, the gas-operated system remains locked until the bullet has reached the gas port, which is supposed to be conducive to better function and accuracy. The 5"/127 mm long barrel has a 1:9" twist as well as a muzzle thread with cover cap. The polymer grip frame with Picatinny rail on the dust cover accepts magazines with a capacity of 22 cartridges. The flat-faced trigger features an integrated safety. The M&P 5.7 is an internal hammer-fired gun and not the classic striker-fired gun like most S&W's pistols from the M&P series. The optics-ready slide with rear and front serrations features mechanical sights as well as weight-reducing cut-outs and can be upgraded with mini red dot sights à la Shield Sights RMSc thanks to the interface. The new Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 mm is optionally available with or without a double-sided thumb safety on the frame.

Metal match pistol: the brand new Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P9 M2.0 Competitor in 9mm Luger with an optimal 18-degree grip angle and low barrel bore axis.

S&W also had something for competition shooters in its Shot Show luggage. It is an emerging trend at SHOT Show 2023 that many manufacturers are now launching their originally polymer-framed pistols with metal frames and competition features. These include the Canik SFx Rival S and Girsan MC9 Match, for example, or the prominent U.S. manufacturer S&W with the M&P9 M 2.0 Competitor in 9mm Luger, which comes from the Performance Center. SIG Sauer is likely to have triggered this boom with the P320 AXG Pro and we are sure that other well-known manufacturers will jump on this bandwagon. The new match model from Springfield, Massachusetts, is based on the second, improved M2.0 generation of the Military & Police service pistol with polymer grip frame, which first appeared on the market around 2005. The new Performance Center M&P9 M2.0 Competitor model is built on a light alloy frame with interchangeable polymer backstraps in four sizes (S, M, ML, L), a polymer front strap and the inevitable Picatinny mounting rail on the dust cover. On top of the metal frame sits a slide skeletonised on the sides as well as on the top. Barrel is 5"/127 mm. The slide with rear and front serrations for any kind of gun manipulation features – how could it be otherwise nowadays? – an interface for the mounting of mini-red dot sights. The mechanical sights consist of a practical serrated, drifting rear sight as well as a fiber opric front sight. The trigger with integral safety is claimed to feature a revised sear for improved characteristics. Other features include: magazine magwell, enlarged magazine release that can be swapped from one side of the frame to the other, and four magazines with a capacity of 17 cartridges included. The new match pistol is available with either a grey "Tungsten Gray Cerakote" or a black "Armornite" finish.

Long gun novelties from the SHOT Show 2023

Sabatti: three new models in the Rover series

Emanuele Sabatti shows the new Rover Varmint selected and finished by the Custom Shop.

The Italian company Sabatti was present at the SHOT Show with a series of bolt-action rifles designed for hunters and long range sport shooters. Prominent among them was the Rover Varmint, which although part of the current production is selected, assembled and finished by the Sabatti Custom Shop. The action of the Sabatti Rover Varmint is machined from an Ergal 55 billet to very tight tolerances and the surface finish is shot-peened with glass micro beads and then hard anodized. The action is fitted with an integral Picatinny rail for mounting conventional or optoelectronic optics. The steel bolt is chrome-plated and has three locking lugs with a 60° throw, which together with the new extractor and interchangeable bolt handle knob, make the Rover Sabatti action one of the best on the market today. The cold-hammered barrel features Sabatti's proprietary MRR multi-radial rifling, has a blued surface and is available in 51 cm (20") or 61 cm (24") lengths. Ready for competition right out of the box, the Rover Varmint rifle is fitted with Sabatti's Match trigger, factory set to a release weight of 0.6kg / 1.3lbs. Among the unique features of the Rover Varmint rifle is the stock: in a competition style, it is made of laminated wood, available in blue or grey color, with pistol grip, adjustable cheek rest, rubber recoil pad and an M-Lock plate recessed under the fore-end. The weight of the rifle is 3.8 kg / 8.4lbs. The caliber options are .223 Remington, 6.5 PRC, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester.

The Rover Carbon model also comes from the Sabatti Custom Shop, and can be distinguished at first glance by its cold-hammered barrel with longitudinal lightening grooves. The barrel of the Sabatti Rover Carbon is 56 cm (22") long and uses the famous Sabatti MRR multi-radial rifling. The trigger assemby is equipped with a set trigger, factory adjusted to a weight of 1.4 kg (direct trigger) or 300 grams (with set trigger). One of the exclusive features of this model is the single-piece stock with a classic profile, made from a single piece of high-quality carbon fiber with exposed weave – a Sabatti patent. The only additional element is the rubber recoil pad that helps to tame the recoil of such a lightweight gun: we are talking about a rifle that weighs just 2.5 kg/5.5 lb. The Rover Carbon rifle is available in .270 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, and 7mm Remington Magnum calibers. 

The Sabatti Rover Carbon rifle owes its name to the one-piece carbon fiber stock, built using a patented technique. It weighs only 2.5 kg.

To conclude this trio of novelties, the All Around model is designed from the outset to offer maximum versatility and shares the basic features of the Rover series, which we have already listed. It too mounts a 45 cm (18") long Sabatti MRR multi-radial rifled barrel, with a muzzle diameter of 19 mm (0.75"). The barrel is fitted with a barrel extension that allows it to be easily replaced without any need to adjust the head space. The Rover All Around also mounts a Sabatti Match trigger as standard, factory set at 0.6kg / 1.3lbs. The Sabatti All Around's stock is a black polymer thumbhole type, which combines solidity and lightness with improved ergonomics and results in a much higher aiming accuracy and swing speed than those offered by traditionally profiled stocks. The stock is fitted with a recoil pad made of a special closed-cell rubber blend that helps reduce felt recoil on this relatively light rifle, which stops the scales at 2.9 kg/6.4 lb. For the time being, this model is only offered in one caliber, the .308 Winchester.

The Sabatti Rover All Around is distinguished by its thumbhole type stock. The barrel with MRR rifling is chambered in .308 Winchester.

At the time of publishing retail prices of these rifles have not yet been communicated, but to keep you up to date you can visit

Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter

We have already extensively tested and presented the innovative "Impulse" family of straight-pull repeating rifles from the US manufacturer Savage Arms from Westfield, Massachusetts. Now the series has been expanded with the lightweight Mountain Hunter model for mountain hunting. We also present other new Savage rifles. More details can be found in the video accompanying this article. 

Designed for the mountains and rough terrains where every ounce counts when carrying a rifle, the Savage Arms Mountain Hunter comes in 9 calibers and 2 barrel lengths.
The Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter fitted with a Leupold scope at SHOT Show 2023.

The Impulse Mountain Hunter will be offered right from the start in nine calibers and the two barrel lengths of 22"/56 cm and 24"/61 cm. The caliber range includes: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield (all 22") as well as 6.5 PRC, .300 WSM, 28 Nosler, 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum (all 24"). Special weight-reducing features include a lightweight alloy action with integral optic rail with 20 MOA pre-tilt, and a carbon-wrapped Proof Research barrel with standard muzzle brake. A Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter in .308 Winchester with a 22" barrel, for example, tips the scales at just 3,330 grams total weight. Already familiar features of the Impulse series include the ambidextrous, removable and multi-positional bolt handle, the AccuFit synthetic stock with aluminum chassis system bedding with four spacers for length adjustment and five different-height, interchangeable cheek rests for individual fine-tuning. The pull  weight of the AccuTrigger direct trigger, which incidentally celebrates its twentieth birthday this year, can also be adjusted by the user. 

Savage 110 Carbon Predator: this new model in six calibers, on the other hand, is fitted with the classic, tried-and-true bolt action of Savage's 110 series, which is also combined with the above mentioned AccuFit synthetic stock and AccuTrigger system with the distinctive safety in the trigger blade. The Proof Research stainless steel barrel with carbon fiber wrapping and muzzle thread is offered in three barrel lengths: 16.125"/410 mm (.300 BLK caliber), 18"/457 mm (6 mm ARC, .223 Rem., 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win.) and 22" (.22-250 Rem. and 6.5 Creedmoor).  The bolt action is fed by an AICS box magazine with a capacity of 10 cartridges. The rifle weight when unloaded is around 2,950 grams.  

A leading semi-automatic rimfire rifle that can be disassembled into two large main assemblies in a snap is the Savage A22 Takedown in .22 Long Rifle, with 18"/457 mm long barrel and Ruger 10/22-style 10-round rotary magazines. Such rifles are ideal companions in North America for extensive outdoor use, including camping and plinking (informal recreational shooting). Dry storage compartments in the pistol grip for cleaning supplies and other tools and in the buttstock for spare magazines are standard features of the durable synthetic stock. Other features include an adjustable AccuTrigger trigger, mechanical sights and an optic rail on the top of the action. The Weaver rail is designed to still provide a full view of the rear sight. The compact A22 Takedown weighs in at around 2,770 grams.

Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical

Founded in 1919, U.S. manufacturer O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. of North Haven, Connecticut, introduces the Patriot Long Range Tactical model, a modern bolt-action precision rifle in three popular calibers for long-range use.

The Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical with adjustable MDT synthetic stock, spiral fluted bolt with oversized bold handle knob and 10-round box magazine is available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. calibers with 22" barrel and in 6.5 PRC with 24" barrel.

The bolt-action rifle features a new LOP- and height-adjustable MDT synthetic stock with aluminum V-Block bedding, steep pistol grip with checkering, and M-LOK interfaces on the forend. Canadian specialist Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) has worked as an "Original Equipment Manufacturer" (OEM) with many well-known companies in the international firearms world, such as: Anschütz, Blaser, Browning, Defiance, Howa, Lithgow Arms, Mauser, Proof Research, Remington, Röwa, Savage or Winchester.

The rifle is available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester with a 22"/560mm barrel and in 6.5 PRC with a 24"/610mm barrel. The barrel features a medium bull contour and a muzzle thread. Twist lengths are 1-10" in .308 Win. and 1-8" in 6.5 CM and 6.5 PRC. Length of pull (LOP, distance between the trigger and the butt plate) adjustment of the stock is accomplished with three spacers, each 2”/2.5 cm thick, and the cheek rest has a quick adjustment feature and can be adjusted up to 2 inches/5 cm. The patented Mossberg LBA (Lightning Bolt Action) Trigger with integrated safety lever is adjustable in pull weight within a range of 2 to 7 pounds (907 to 3,175 grams). A one-piece Picatinny optic rail with 20 MOA pre-tilt sits on the top of the action. The AICS-style MDT box magazine can hold 10 rounds. With 22" barrel, the new precision repeater weighs around 3,990 grams, with 24" barrel around 4,260 grams.

Like so many U.S. giants, Mossberg introduces a flood of new products each year, but these are often just model series and caliber upgrades. In addition to the Patriot LR Tactical, we present only a few selected firearms. For example, the 940 Pro Tactical semi-automatic shotgun in 12/76 ga with 18.5" barrel and tubular magazine with a capacity of 7+1 cartridges is available right away in a combo with a Holosun HS407K mini red dot sight mounted on the action. The legendary Mossberg 590S Pump-Action Shotgun in 12/76  with 18.5" or 20" barrel and tubular magazine for 5+1 or 7+1 cartridges, which also cycles 12/70 and 12/67.5 (1.75", 2.75", or 3") shells, is also available in a new Optic-Ready version. Here, the top of the action is factory-ready for mounting a mini-red dot sight. 

Optics at SHOT Show 2023

Bushnell Match Pro ED 15x56 binoculars and 5-30x56 riflescope, plus the RXM-300 red dot

Bushnell Match Pro ED
With high, 15x magnification, the Bushnell Match Pro ED is designed to make the job easier, especially for spotters in target shooting.

Bushnell's new Match Pro ED 15x56 binoculars are said to be preferred for sport shooting because observing with both eyes is less tiring than using a single-eye spotting scope, for example. Of course, the lenses can be focused separately for both eyes. On the right side, a so-called "shot-call" MRAD reticle has been integrated so that a spotter can announce the hits to the shooter. Since as you adjust binocular barrel distance the angle at the hinge changes, the reticle can always be leveled separately. Because of the 15x magnification, which is high for binoculars and makes freehand observation impossible, the Match Pro ED should be mounted on a tripod; there is also a stabilizer so that the correct interpupillary distance, once found, can't be unintentionally adjusted. Bushnell has also recently started supplying a corresponding 5-30x56 riflescope in the Match Pro ED series.

Bushnell RXM-300
Premiere at SHOT Show 2023: the Bushnell RXM-300 is an extremely rugged and universal-use red dot sight for handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Bushnell's RXM-300 red dot features a large lens, rugged body, versatile mounting and full-featured electronics. It is suitable for any application, whether pistol competition, self-defense, rifle, handgun or shotgun. Direct mounting is possible on optics-ready pistols with RMR/SRO footprint. The 3 MOA dot is adjustable in 12 brightness settings, all without tools. The housing? A MIL-STD-810-certified billet aluminum housing with IPX7 rating, plus an FMC glass lens with EXO barrier coating. Complementing the featured binoculars, Bushnell supplies the matching riflescope: the Match Pro ED 5-ZF was designed specifically for competition shooters. The 5-30x56 configuration, 34mm main tube with over 30 MRAD of elevation travel, ED Prime objective with EXO barrier, and fully featured user interface should set it apart from the competition. All product info is available on this Bushnell special website.

Interesting accessories at SHOT Show 2023

Sordin: new Supreme MIL AUX SFA  hearing protector

The new Sordin Supreme MIL AUX SFA at SHOT Show 2023.

Hearing protection specialist Sordin from Sweden has brought to SHOT Show 2023 an extension to its Sordin Supreme range, popular with hunters, sports shooters and professional users. The new earmuffs are called Sordin Supreme MIL AUX SFA in full. The special emphasis in this model is on the last three letters. They stand for "Sordin Flexible Attenuation". 

And that already gives an idea of what the new one can do: the hearing protection, designed especially for law enforcement or military users, allows the user to switch between two different noise attenuation levels. The user can choose between SNR 32 db and SNR 26 db. This is done by simply increasing or decreasing the cup volume with attenuation foam. If this is installed, the Supreme MIL AUX SFA attenuates at the higher level. Without the foam, at the lower level. The latter ensures a slimmer cup design, a great advantage if the device is to fit under a helmet. 

In addition, the hearing protector naturally has the usual high recording and reproduction quality of the ambient noise. This should lead to a good awareness of the environment at all times. 

Hornady Square-Lok modular organizing system

Jens Tigges am Hornady-Stand
Jens Tigges from the German importer OMI presents the Square-Lok storage system from Hornady, with which you can equip your safe, but also entire walls in the gun room. The square holes hold the individual components and give the system its name.

The U.S. company Hornady not only manufactures ammunition and components, now there is also a matching storage bin and a practical modular organizing system to furnish the safe and the gun room walls with purpose. The square holes (hence "Hornady Square-Lok") can hold plastic-coated gun racks, as well as small and larger shelves for accessories such as magazines, silencers or tools. Even drawers are available individually, so that the wall can be equipped bit by bit. More information is available directly from Hornady.

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