SHOT Show 2023 / Industry Day at the Range & SIG Sauer Range Day

Exclusive Video: Industry Day at the Range and SIG Sauer Range Day – With the novelties on the shooting range

Our team of authors Tanja and Marijan Loch visited not one, but two events: the Industry Day at the Range and the SIG Sauer Range Day event held separately by SIG Sauer. They wrote down their impressions and experiences of the new products for us:

Glock: new Gen5 MOS models

The new G47 MOS in 9mm Luger could be tested directly at the Industry Day at the Range of the SHOT Show 2023.

We were allowed to test the new Glock G47 MOS 9x19, G20 Gen5 MOS 10mm Auto, G21 Gen5 MOS models and we are thrilled. In addition, Glock is releasing an in-house match trigger for all pistols of the current, fifth generation: the Glock Performance Trigger. In addition to a redesigned straight blade, the Glock Performance Trigger has its own trigger housing. The interaction of both parts results in a trigger with significantly better characteristics, which is hardly inferior to the well-known Timney Alpha Trigger. The Glock Performance Trigger is distinguished by its improved action. In our video, Shane Coley, Glock team captain, presents the new Performance Trigger in detail. By the way, at least in the USA, the Performance Trigger is a real bargain: the new trigger goes over the counter for just 99 bucks.

Walther: P99 goes into the last round

Among other things, Walther had the P99 AS Final Edition at the SHOT Show Range Day 2023.

After 26 years, the P99 AS Final Edition heralds the end of an era. Production of the polymer service pistol, which was groundbreaking in many respects, began in 1997. The double-action/single-action pistol featured a loaded chamber indicator, four internal safeties, a decocker, adjustable sights, accessory rail, magazine release lever on both sides, interchangeable backstraps and, on top of that, tool-free disassembly. The P99 AS Final Edition, the last model in this series, is now being released in a special limited edition with an OD Green colored grip frame and the special engraving "Final Edition" on the bolt. The whole thing is delivered in a special case together with a challenge coin.

But Walther was not only nostalgic. They also presented their youngest brainchild in the form of the PDP pistol family, including the F-Series. And who better to present the PDP than the newly crowned IPSC World Champion Luke Cao? At the 2022 IPSC World Championships, Cao became World Champion in the Production Optics Light Division with a full size 5" PDP. Speaking of the F-Series... as you can clearly see in our video, the PDP F-Series is not only suitable for ladies, but also very popular with men.

Springfield Armory: double-stack 1911DS Prodigy and Saint Victor PCC

At Springfield Armory, the team of authors was able to try out the new 1911DS Prodigy.

Two highlights awaited the visitors at the booth of Springfield Armory. In addition to a 9mm Luger variant of their AR15 Saint series, visitors were able to shoot the brand new 1911DS Prodigy. DS stands for Double-Stack, meaning that the latest pistol offspring of the renowned manufacturer is fed from double-stack magazines. The Prodigy is available in 9mm Luger and with 5" and 4.25" barrel/slide lengths. From the factory, the pistol is optics-ready, but also features mechanical sights. In addition, the Prodigy features a double-sided safety, a Picatinny rail, a bull barrel and a durable black Cerakote coating. The heart of the gun is the two-piece grip frame, which consists of a steel frame and a polymer grip module. Thanks to this design, the double-stack grip with an impressive magazine capacity of 17+1 or 20+1 is nevertheless pleasantly slim, so that even smaller hands can still manage it well.

By the way, "The Great One" Rob Leatham did not miss the opportunity to address a personal greeting to our all4shooters fan community.

SHOT Show 2023 Industry Day at the Range: author team Tanja and Marijan Loch with "The Great One" Rob Leatham (center).

Savage Arms: 1911, long-range performer and new 560 semi-automatic shotgun

There was also a clay pigeon stand at the SHOT Show 2023 Industry Day at the Range. Here for the test of the Savage 560 Field.

At the Savage Arms booth, they showed that they not only know their craft when it comes to long guns, but can also build damn good 1911 pistols. For a short time now, the company has also been involved in the handgun sector with two classic 5-inch variants of the quintessentially American pistol. The pistol, which comes with a modern and neatly designed breech, will be available in .45 ACP and 9mm Luger calibers, although unfortunately only the 9mm variant was available at Industry Day at the Range. But even with this version, it was a lot of fun to tackle the various steel targets on the range. 

Then, right next door at Savage Arms, there was the opportunity to shoot the new Impulse Elite Precision in 6.5 Creedmoor at up to 800 yards and, thanks to a patient spotter and the excellent Hornady factory 140-grain ELD-X cartridge, to hit it, too.

Finally, the new Savage 560 Field semi-auto shotgun was presented on the separate clay pigeon shooting range. 

One Range Day a day is not enough for our authors: exclusive insights from the SIG Sauer Range Day

Parallel to Industry Day, the SIG Sauer Range Day took place at the Clark County Club in Las Vegas. Our authors were able to get an exclusive invitation to the Range Day and thus gained insights that are denied to other SHOT Show visitors: SIG Sauer will not be represented at the SHOT Show in 2023 either and decided to organize its own range day. However, a visit was definitely worthwhile. In addition to many well-known exhibitors such as 5.11 or Grayguns, one could of course get a comprehensive picture of the various product innovations of the industry giant. These included, first and foremost, various new variants of the P320 pistol family, the new edition of the all-steel P226 XFive competition pistol, the MCX semi-automatic rifle in the latest Spear LT version, the segmented 3D printed titanium silencer MODX and, last but not least, the newly presented SIG Sauer Rose.

At the SIG Sauer event, Lena Miculek presented the new SIG Sauer Rose.

SIG Sauer Rose – An all-round carefree package for female shooters presented by Lena Miculek

The new Rose by SIG Sauer is aimed specifically at women. It is a complete system.

Rose by SIG Sauer is based on Lena Miculek's experience as a competitive shooter and shooting instructor to women across America. It was designed to make it easier and more encouraging for women to get into pistol shooting. This is not just a gun, but a complete system for novice shooters and a shared community exchange. The Rose offers women a complete online A-to-Z training such as the first visit to the shooting range. In our video, Lena Miculek explains the new SIG Sauer program to our colleague.

Lena Miculek, Daniel Horner and Max Michel in shooting duel

The SIG Sauer team shooters Lena Miculek, Daniel Horner and Max Michel engaged in a joint shooting duel to the delight of all spectators on the range day and demonstrated their shooting skills. They shot for time at steel plates or a so-called stake shoot, where the wooden mount of a target is shot as quickly as possible until it disintegrates. Our colleagues have filmed and recorded this spectacle for you.

Site plan: this is how the SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range 2023 looked from above

Industry Day at the Range 2023 overview map.
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