SHOT Show 2022 / All the new products from the second day of the international firearms and accessories show

All new products from SHOT Show 2022

The SHOT Show goes on! reporter Michael Paa tells us about the latest news from the Las Vegas show floor.

New handguns from SHOT Show 2022

A classic reborn: FN brings back the High Power

Three attractive new frame colors for the all-new FN High Power pistol.

Not exactly a “new product” per se, but exciting nonetheless: FN America announces the introduction of the all-new FN High Power, “a completely reimagined pistol based on the legendary 1935 design conceived by John Moses Browning and perfected by Dieudonné Saive.”  “Rather than introduce a clone of the original, we had to deliver much more than other brands, knowing the FN High Power would be held to a higher standard,” said Mark Cherpes, President and CEO for FN America, LLC. “FN pays homage to the prolific design, while modernizing the ergonomics, functionality and operation. We respect what this pistol has meant to generations of FN collectors and feel the new FN High Power dovetails perfectly with the rest of the FN pistol line, carrying a future-forward design to the next generation of shooting enthusiasts.”

The new FN High Power features many improvements, including a modern barrel lockup and simplified takedown.

Chambered in 9mm just like the original, the “new” High Power is an all-metal pistol featuring improvements to ergonomics and fire control design, accuracy and increased magazine capacity, also including improved internals and a modern barrel lockup. Magazine capacity is now 17+1 rounds, and ambidextrous controls have been added. The not-so-loved magazine disconnect of the original design has also been eliminated for a single-action trigger that breaks crisply and cleanly.

Overall improved ergonomics, extended beavertail, new grip and frame texturing aid in control during fire. Takedown has been simplified too: now you simply have to rotate the takedown lever to instantly field strip the FN High Power.

The pistol is offered in three attractive new frame colors (stainless, FDE, and blued) and with seven accessory grips – each new gun ships with two pairs of polymer grips. Price is $1,269.

Mossberg: new MC2sc micro-compact pistol

Small but mighty with up to 14+1 cartridges in 9mm Luger – that's the new Mossberg MC2sc.

Mossberg has added a new Micro-Compact 9mm to its line of MC2 pistols: the MC2sc. Double-stack magazines provide a slim, compact profile that offers 11+1 or 14+1 capacity, and an optics-ready slide allows for easy direct mounting of micro red dot optics. The slide is made of 416 stainless steel with black DLC coating. The angled serrations ensure positive handling. The optics-ready feature can be converted in minutes using a provided hex wrench. 

Sights are dovetail mounted and come standard in a low-profile, snag-free white 3-dot configuration. TRUGLO Tritium Pro sights are available as an option (for the international market). Frames are made of high-tensile strength, glass-reinforced polymer and feature Mossberg's signature aggressive grip texture and palm swell for a confident and firm grip under a variety of shooting conditions. 

New long guns from SHOT Show 2022

Springfield Armory: Hellion bullpup self-loading rifle in .223 Remington

The compact, now semi-automatic Springfield Armory Hellion semi-automatic rifle in .223 Remington, the civilian version of the 5.56x45 mm NATO.

On the other side of the pond, history-making U.S. company Springfield Armory has something new: the civilian version of the Croatian HS Produkt VHS-2 assault rifle in 5.56x45 mm NATO. It's an open secret that Springfield Armory has been very successfully marketing HS Produkt pistols from Croatia in the U.S. as in-house "Extreme Duty" (XD) models for many years. Now, with the introduction of the Springfield Armory Hellion, they are extending this lucrative collaboration to the long gun sector.

Already around 2007/2008, the VHS (Višenamjenska Hrvatska Strojnica = Croatian Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle) military bullpup assault rifle in 5.56x45 mm NATO appeared on the market. Due to its design with the action and magazine behind the trigger, a bullpup rifle is far more compact than a conventional assault rifle/semi-automatic rifle with the same barrel length and ballistic performance. The 16”/410mm- and 19.6”/500mm-barrel-length VHS uses an indirect gas-loading system with an adjustable gas block. Around 2014/2015, the improved successor model VHS-2 appeared. Probably the most interesting feature is the tool-free conversion of the case ejection from right to left and vice versa in a matter of seconds. But the now extendable shoulder stock and the hand guard have also been redesigned, and the upper carrying handle has been replaced by an optics mounting rail. The former FAMAS-style fire selector switch in the trigger guard has been relocated with a double-sided control directly above the pistol grip, leaving the trigger guard area free for more comfortable operation, even with gloves. 

Based on this HS Produkt VHS-2, Springfield Armory now offers the all-new Hellion semi-automatic civilian version. The compact semi-automatic with 16"/406 mm barrel weighs around 8 lb/3,630 grams empty and reaches an overall length of 28.25" - 29.75" (71.7 to 75.5 cm), depending on the position of the five position length-adjustable stock. The Hellion is offered in the USA for $1,999. 

M+M M10X International Defense Rifle in 7.62x39 mm

With the motto "The simplest solution is the best solution" the company M+M Industries presents its revised, corrected and simplified version of the AK-47, better known as Kalashnikov. The result is the M10X in 7.62x39 caliber, an essential and effective gun.

Manufactured by M+M, the M10X International Defense Rifle in 7.62x39 mm can be defined as a hybrid weapon.

Founded in Northglenn, in the state of Colorado in 2005, M+M's corporate mission is to manufacture effective and above all simple semi-automatic rifle. Founder Michael Meier said that during his more than 20-year career as a designer in the military weapons industry, he could see nothing but increasingly complicated firearms, in his opinion unnecessarily so. His approach, therefore, was a return to simplicity, creating a weapon composed of the fewest possible pieces and that could work in every corner of the world. That's also why the caliber choice fell on the 7.62x39. Meier explains, "What’s available around the world? What’s inexpensive? The answer could only be 7.62×39 – which, of course, fits into almost any AK magazine you could want." Once the cartridge was chosen, and thus also the general layout of the gun, Meier went to the drawing board, and the result is the M10X International Defense Rifle.

The M10X International Defense Rifle has an AK-47-derived upper eceiver and an AR-15-style lower.

According to the manufacturer's claims, the new M10X semi-automatic rifle has about half the parts of a similar gun while still providing maximum reliability, accuracy and interchangeability of parts. Therefore, the M10X is a hybrid between the AK47 design, with the characteristic action cover in stamped sheet metal, and the AR-15 with the upper and lower receivers hinged at the front. In the M10X, the entire upper receiver is a single piece of anodized aluminum, while the lower is made of blued steel. The handguard features the indispensable M-Lok slots for the mounting of accessories, while on the top of the receiver there is a Picatinny rail long enough to allow the mounting of any mechanical, optical or electronic sight. The cylindrical charging handle can be swapped from one side of the gun to the other in a few seconds, while the safety is present on both sides of the receiver.

The gas-operated system with long-stroke piston and rotating bolt head can be adjusted, ensuring reliable operation even when fitting a suppressor and using low-pressure ammunition. The barrel measures 16.5 inches, equal to 42 centimeters, with a 1: 9.25 twist. The muzzle is 5/8×24 threaded so you can easily attach the silencer or aftermarket flash hiders. The gun is fed by AK47 standard 30-round magazines. Other barrel lengths and colored receiver finishes are also available. The M10X features a five-position length-adjustable and folding Magpul Zukov stock that allows firing even when folded. The AR15-type pistol grip is an SL type, also made by Magpul. The weight of the MX10 is about 7 lb/3.3 kg with an empty magazine. For the moment there is no mention of availability in Europe, but we always hope that some willing importer will seize upon our suggestion. Retail price in the USA is about $1850 (1620 euros).

Mossberg: two new specialty shotguns for game birds

The longer new Mossberg 940 Pro shotgun with 24” barrel.

In 2020, Mossberg introduced the 940 Pro family of 12-gauge self-loading shotguns with the competition-ready 940 JM Pro – it bears the initials of Mossberg's star shooter Jerry Miculek. Joining them now for the 2022 SHOT Show are two 940 Pro Turkey shotguns. These optics-ready packages come with 24- or 18.5-inch barrel lengths; HIVIZ CompSight- front fiber optic sight for fast target acquisition; Mossberg X-Factor choke for extra tight pattern performance; in Mossy Oak Greenleaf for the ultimate in camouflage; and with a host of features and finishes.

At the heart of the 940 Pro platform is a durable gas system that can go through up to 1,500 rounds without cleaning. Performance-oriented features include an enlarged, beveled loading port with redesigned elevator and follower that ensure efficient, jam-free loading into the magazine tube; a new barrel manufacturing process; a slim fore-end and configurable stock for length of pull (13 - 14.25 inches); and an oversized charging handle and bolt release for ease of use.

The 940 Pro's internal components (gas piston, magazine tube, hammer and sear) are nickel-boron plated, and the recoil spring piston is hard-anodized aluminum. After all, these 940 autoloaders are designed to perform reliably under the toughest conditions.

Umarex: AirSaber Elite X2 compressed air archery rifle with double barrel for arrows

Umarex AirSaber Elite X2: the new air rifle with double barrel shoots arrows, for training or with hunting tips (where hunting with arrows is allowed).

Umarex USA, unlike its parent company Umarex in Germany, is more focused on "adult guns." Take, for example, the new Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 - a double-barreled air rifle that shoots arrows. Not only can it shoot a full-length 25-gram arrow at a fast 138 m/s, producing 230 joules, but with a quick press of the barrel selector switch, it can also fire an equally powerful follow-up shot in less than two seconds. 

That's two quick, accurate shots with enough power to take down some of the biggest and toughest game animals in the world – many U.S. states (and many other countries) allow hunting with arrows. Up to 25 arrows can be fired at full power from the 240 cc compressed air tank. 

A smooth side cocking lever and a single-stage trigger are added, as are Umarex-typical technical innovations such as a Quick Valve, new High Pressure arrows and more.

New for 2022, Henry Long Ranger Express in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO and Brass Axe .410.

Henry enters 2022 two new lever-action models – the Long Ranger Express and the Brass Axe .410. Both guns are designed for hunting, home protection, or pure fun.

The new Brass Axe .410 is distinguished by its polished brass receiver. Capacity is 5 rounds in .410 bore.

Claimed to have bolt-action performance with the speed of a lever action, the Long Ranger Express is a versatile, quick-handling carbine complete with a threaded 16.5" barrel and a factory-mounted Picatinny rail. Caliber is .223 Rem/5.56 NATO. The latest addition to the Henry Long Ranger family features a six-lug rotary bolt, aerospace grade aluminum construction, and free-floated barrel. Intended for hunting use, the trimmed down and ruggedized Express model is nonetheless a multi-purpose rifle “equally capable at hunting your property as it is defending it”. The steel-bodied detachable box magazine holds 5 rounds. The barrel with 5/8×24 thread can mount a muzzle brake or a suppressor. Aesthetically, the Long Ranger Express stands out with its weather-resistant birch laminate furniture set, which provides excellent moisture resistance, durability, and stability. Integral sling swivels sit fore and aft, and a solid black rubber recoil pad for recoil control and follow up shot speed, round off the package. Price is $1,235.

Featuring the “axe handle” pistol grip from which it takes its name, the Brass Axe .410 adds a polished brass receiver option to the Axe .410 bore lever action family. Designed for hunting, home protection, or simply plinking, the Brass Axe has the same 5-round capacity of 2 ½” shells as its larger lever action .410 shotgun counterparts. Barrel is just under 16” and overall length is just over 26”. A full choke is included. Front sight is a brass bead, while stock is American walnut.  Price is $1,132.

Derya TM22, the “Black Rifle” in .22 Long Rifle

The Derya TM22 is a semiautomatic rifle in .22 Long Rifle intended for recreational and sport shooting.

From Turkey comes the Derya TM22, a semiautomatic rifle in .22 Long Rifle that echoes the design of the AR-15. The fixed-type stock, MLok fore-end and receiver are made of aircraft aluminum. The standard mount allows other stocks compatible with the AR-15 to be fitted on the Derya TM-22. Equipped with an 18-inch (45.7 cm) barrel and blowback semi-automatic operation, the Derya TM-22 is intended for recreational and sport shooting. In addition to a matte black finish, it is also available in other colors such as sniper gray, FDE and arctic white. 

The charging handle is located on the left side and is particularly easy to operate, while the light alloy magazines can have a capacity of 10, 15 and 25 rounds. The weight of the gun is 6.17 lb/2.8 kg. In our clip you can see it in action during the Industry Day at the Range.

There is more about the new Derya TM22 in the video on Facebook.

New knives from SHOT Show 2022

CRKT M16 DB series: a great classic reinterpreted in three versions

The first and the third models feature an American profile blade, 80 and 100 mm long respectively, the second one features a 91 Utility blade. 

How do you improve one of the most appreciated and sold industrial knives on the planet without upsetting its essence? What could be an unanswerable question has not bothered the designers of Columbia River Knives & Tools – CRKT for short – who have put their hands on the M16 model designed more than twenty years ago by Kit Carson, a veteran of the US Army and a talented knife maker. The new version of the CRKT M16, initially available in three versions with the "DB" suffix, incorporates all the innovations that have characterized the American company's folding knives in recent years, starting with the Deadbolt blade locking system. 

This is a push-button system located in correspondence with the pivot pin of the blade that locks it solidly thanks to two pins hidden inside the handle. To unlock the blade, simply press the circular button on the right side of the handle. But that's not all: the blade swings extremely smoothly and quickly thanks to the the IKBS (Ikoma Korth Bearing System) ball bearing pivot, and for the first time an M16 model benefits from the assisted opening system that works together with the flipper. In this way, to deploy the blade of the CRKT M16 DB just touch the flipper firmly, the rest will be done by the automatic system. 

For the moment, the new M16 is available in three models named 02DB, 03DB and 04DB. The first and the third models feature an American profile blade, 80 and 100 mm long respectively, the second one features a 91 Utility blade. The steel chosen for the blade is the proven D2, while the handles are aluminum. The retail price in the USA ranges from 120 to 140 USD, which is about 105-120 euros.

New accessories from SHOT Show 2022

Laser Ammo showcases Video Scenario Trainer Pro 2.0 and M-Range 2.0

The smokeless range platform used to demo both the Video Scenario Trainer Pro 2.0 and M-Range 2.0 software add-ons at SHOT in Las Vegas.

Laser Ammo introduces to the US market its new software add-on to the Smokeless Range Simulator: Video Scenario Trainer Pro 2.0 and M-Range 2.0. As this is an update of the existing software, it is also a completely free download for anyone that already purchased the respective add-ons. Video Scenario Trainer Pro 2.0 is a simulation package for use of force training with branching video for firearms trainers, using Laser Ammo Sure Strike cartridges or the manufacturer’s own Recoil Enabled Training Pistols. The software includes a powerful scene and zone editor that allows the end user to create its own scenarios. The zone editor allows for precise hit zones to be placed over threats in the scene so that only shots that strike the hit zone will cause the scene to respond and branch to different outcomes depending on how the trainee responds to the situation or from instructor input.

The M-Range 2.0 is the closest thing to a full home range, including up to 4 different lanes. The M-Range is a course of fire, qualification training software that allows you to build your own course of fire and train up to 4 shooters at the same time; it also needs the Smokeless Range platform to run. 

There is more about the new Laser Ammo devices in the video on Facebook.

New optics from SHOT Show 2022

Pulsar introduces the thermal imaging Thermion 2 LRF XP50 PRO hunting riflescope

Front view of the Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro hunting riflescope with a detailed view of the single channel LRF module capable of measuring up to 800m

Pulsar allowed us to take a closer look to the Thermion 2 LRF XP50 PRO Thermal Imaging hunting riflescope, introduced at SHOT this year. The latest addition to the proven Thermion line, this scope integrates a precision Laser Rangefinder that can accurately measure up to 800 meters using a single channel (to keep size down as much as possible) LRF module. All the performance features of the Thermion 2 with outstanding thermal detection range of up to 1800m are available in this top of the line model, which can be considered as Pulsar’s flagship model for hunting. The native 2x maginifaction can be digitally increased to 16x seamlessly or in four stepsto allow precise shot placement or long range shots. The Thermion's memory contains ten reticle configurations (direct shot type, ballistic, scalable, and regular), all available in nine different colors. 

Thermal imaging performance is excellent, thanks to a high resolution 640x480 pixel pitch at 17 µm sensor with a NETD of <25mK, ensuring perfect detail recognition even in the most severe weather conditions when thermal contrast is low; in addition, the fast aperture (F50/1.0) objective lens of the Thermion 2 LRF XP50 PRO offers the highest possible quality, most detailed and informative imaging for any hunting conditions.

The new Thermion 2 LRF XP50 PRO will be available for purchase in Q1 2022. 

There is more about the new Pulsar devices in the video on Facebook.

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