Video: product launch of Sellier & Bellot Sporting S-Class shotshells will start now in 12/70 gauge

Video: New Sellier & Bellot S-Class ammo is especially developed for clay shooting and out in the market now. What's new?

Sellier & Bellot S-Class with 28 g load.
Sellier & Bellot S-Class with 28 g load.

S-Class is the name of two new shotgun shells that the Czech ammunition manufacturer Sellier & Bellot is launching in the first quarter of 2021. They are mainly intended for sport shooting – more precisely, for parcours shooting.

The 12/70 gauge cartridges with the 23 millimeter high brass head and have a 28 gram payload. Of course, the lead shot sizes of 2.45 millimeters (#7.5) and 2.25 millimeters (#8) are the same as those used in sport shooting. 

Both loads of the Sellier & Bellot S-Class are said to be about 405-410 m/s fast and still have a low recoil. By the way, the Czech manufacturer has been producing ammunition for almost 200 years and continues to expand its product portfolio.

We are looking forward to a first practical test of the Sellier & Bellot S-Class as soon as the Corona restrictions allow us to access shotgun ranges again.

Further information about the new S-Class can be found on the Sellier & Bellot website.

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