The new Hunter's App for Android and iOS – Sellier & Bellot makes driven hunt planning easier

The new Hunter's App for Android and iOS – Sellier & Bellot makes driven hunt planning easier
At the beginning you have to create a hunting association or join an existing association with a few clicks in the Hunter's App.

With the Hunter's App, Sellier & Bellot introduces a mobile application that we have never seen before from any other manufacturer and which is designed to make the hunter's life easier and safer.

It starts with the creation of a hunting association, which can later be joined by other members or guests for a driven hunt with a special code. The hunting association also includes the hunting ground, whose boundaries you can easily mark with a few fingertips and a little dragging.

Are you unsure whether you can do this? No problem, Sellier & Bellot have thought of that as well and integrated some instructional videos into the Hunter's App. You can watch them in advance on the big monitor via the YouTube channel Hunter's App. The following tutorials are currently available:

Organizing a driven hunt in the Hunter's App by Sellier & Bellot

The new Hunter's App for Android and iOS – Sellier & Bellot makes driven hunt planning easier
This is what it looks like in the Hunter's App during a driven hunt: The green dots represent the beaters who should follow the given routes. The red dots represent the shooters and the pictograms tell us that a wild boar has been sighted and a fallow deer has been hunted.

The video titles also reveal the other functions of the Hunter's App. The most important function is the organization and execution of driven hunts. The creation of a driven hunt begins with the naming of the event and the selection of the approved game species. Similarly to the creation of the hunting ground, you can set the boundaries for your drive. Within these boundaries, you define the positions of beaters, and use arrows to indicate the directions in which they should move.

In any case, it is a gain in safety that each participant is connected to the Hunter's App via GPS in real time. So you can see at any time where the other hunters and beaters are located. In addition, each participant can tell the others via the Hunter's App whether he has shot or sighted a game animal. All others are then informed about news during the driven hunt via push notification.

All in all, the app helps hunters and beaters find their way around and helps everyone involved to keep track.

Sellier & Bellot rightly points out that due to GPS deviation and the complexity of some terrain, the app must not be used as a tool to determine a safe shooting area. In this case, the shooter is still responsible for his or her shot and should take appropriate precautions to avoid putting anyone in danger.

Booking of high seats via the S&B Hunter's App

The new Hunter's App for Android and iOS – Sellier & Bellot makes driven hunt planning easier
The red high seats are already booked.

If you share a hunting ground with several hunters, the booking function for high seats is quite handy. There you can select the individual hides within your hunting area and they can be booked by you or one of the other hunters with just a few clicks. Then everybody knows who is when and where at the high seat hide and you don't get in each other's way.

Offline use of the Hunter's App

We all know it, in some areas the cell phone reception is better than in any big city, in other areas the line stays dead. That's why Sellier & Bellot came up with an "offline" mode for the Hunter's App. As soon as you have selected your association in the app, it loads all relevant data into the cache of your smartphone. This way you no longer get real-time information, but you can still see the boundaries of the drive, the starting positions of the beaters and the direction of their movements.

Our conclusion about S&B's Hunter's App

With the Hunter's App Sellier & Bellot provides an easy-to-use solution that can be a great help when planning and executing driven hunts. Apart from the organization of driven hunts, the gain in safety is not negligible, even if the shooter should not blindly trust technology. The booking function brings additional comfort and the instruction videos make the application easy to understand for every user. Another top feature is that Sellier & Bellot makes the Hunter's App available free of charge to all hunters, whether they are customers or not. By the way, Sellier & Bellot has also added something in to bridge waiting times. The sub-item "About the company" brings you closer to the history of the company since 1786.

The Hunter's App is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. You can find more information on the Sellier & Bellot website.

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