Fratelli Poli Armi: custom, handmade fine shotguns

Once you step inside the Fratelli Poli armory you are immediately welcomed in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere that epitomizes the most authentic and genuine side of hunting. The cabinets, neatly arranged and with perfect lighting, display many shotguns ready to be delivered for direct sale. The hunter immediately gazes around the room in admiration and gets lost between expertly embalmed wild animals and animal paintings on the walls that evoke dreams and memories. 

The first of the two brothers you meet entering the showroom is Tiziano Poli. His welcoming smile shows his desire to offer the right advice and the right weapon to all of his customers. The sale marks the natural end to a process focused on guaranteeing the hunters' satisfaction. 

Poli armory: break-action, double-barreled and over/under hunting shotguns

Tiziano and Pierantonio Poli: Poli's brothers
Tiziano and Pierantonio Poli working on a double-barreled shotgun. The two brothers are the latest generation of this armory, which was founded 50 years ago.
Poli handmade shotgun 
The planing of the receivers before quenching is carefully done by hand by the specialized workers of the Poli armory.

But that is nothing new - the Poli armory has always remained true to its roots and continues to be a hunting workshop to this day, now in its third generation. 

Sure, a real workshop that, thanks to its experience and the quality of its handcrafted materials, is able to create shotguns that meet the specific needs of hunters and that are tailor-made for the hunter's body size, their hunting style and their favorite way of shooting. 

Meticulous attention to detail is paid to the hunters' needs and taste, from the wood for the stock to the trigger assembly, from the length of the barrel to the detail of the engraving. 

This is a traditional business, so we are talking exclusively about break-action, double-barreled and over/under shotguns that are crafted using state-of-the-art materials, which means they use light alloys and various types of wood that are suitable for all hunting and shooting styles. 

Elegance and practicality combine into an indivisible entity. 

The handcrafted checkering of the wood: Poli Brothers
The handcrafted checkering of the wood precedes the final phase of tru-oil polishing.
Poli double-barreled shotgun
A highly refined example of a handmade Poli double-barreled shotgun.

After Tiziano Poli has spoken with the customer and taken some initial measurements to give an idea what the weapon will look like, we move to the upper floor of the armory where his brother, Pierantonio Poli, and his team hand-craft the individual parts of the shotgun that will be ready for delivery after a few months of work and refining. 

It takes just a few expert craftsmen working together to create a Poli shotgun. All workers are perfectly trained and know everything there is to know about the manufacturing process. 

To create decorative finishes such as the quenching of the receiver and the engravings, the best engravers of Val Trompia work with the armory to complete the decoration chosen by each individual hunter. 

The result is nothing less than the complete fulfilment of the hunter’s wishes; the perfect combination of aesthetics and mechanics built to the hunter’s specification.

The end product is a shotgun that can be instinctively and precisely shouldered, offering a clear view of the target and esthetically finished to the customer’s wishes; a weapon that reflects our way of being a hunter. 

Showroom of the Poli armory
The Poli armory Showroom contains many new or used shotguns available for direct sale, as well as reconditioned weapons for those who want different models readily available.

The Poli armory offers its customers the opportunity to buy weapons in part exchange. The old weapons will be valued and completely restored for all customers who want to have even greater choice when they visit the Showroom. 

The armory’s vast experience means that the Poli brothers are able to perform any kind of restoration or repair on any type of break-action or semi-automatic weapon. 

It would be practically impossible then for customers not to find a weapon suitable for their needs, especially knowing that quality, attention to detail and service are guaranteed by people that are weapon makers first, but that will soon be friends. 

For further information, visit the F.lli Poli website.

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