Mind, hands and heart: the secrets of guns with Fratelli Poli

The Poli gunsmith shop was founded in 1966 by Paolo Poli and today the family tradition is carried on by his two sons, Tiziano and Pierantonio, with the help of a team of collaborators who are experts in every aspect of artisan gun production. Fratelli Poli 's activity is in fact twofold: on the one hand we find the production of smooth-bore guns, on the other hand there is the restoration and reconditioning of hunting guns also made by other manufacturers. This allows the Poli Brothers and their team to gain invaluable expertise in repairing fine guns because they get their skillful hands on guns built by the most prestigious gunsmiths. Who knows how many and what causes of malfunction Tiziano and Antonio have faced and solved in their career...

The good news for us is that the Poli brothers are not jealous guardians of their expertise, on the contrary they are willing to share it with us and with you. So here on all4shooters,com you will find a series of videos where the Poli brothers will unveil the tricks and secrets gained in a life of experience and work. In this first video we deal with welding the ribs.

Enjoy and... stay tuned!

VIDEO: Fratelli Poli guns - How to solder a rib.

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