Poli 28 gauge Amber side-by-side shotgun

All the features that distinguish the quality of the fine guns manufatured and hand-finished by the Poli brothers can be found in the Amber side-by-side shotgun that was shown to us in its latest 28 gauge version.

28 gauge Amber, the new elegant side-by-side by Poli 

 Engravings on the Poli Amber side-by-side shotgun
The hand-made engravings on the Poli guns can be customized and chosen directly by the hunter.

A gun that is particularly graceful and elegant in lines, produced on order with a manufacturing time of about six months. The action frame, machined from solid steel blocks, features Anson locks but is embellished with finely hand-engraved false sideplates. The subjects and hunting scenes faithfully reproduced may vary according to the taste of the hunter who can customize the gun's aesthetic and technical details. It's in fact available with single or double trigger, while shell ejection is manual. The stock – in this case an English style version – is always tailor-made for the hunter who gets a gun perfectly suited to his personal body shape.

The forend in this model is a beaver-tail type to allow for an effective grip without obstructing the line of sight even in this small gauge. Wood in select grade 5 oil-finished walnut with fine pitch hand-checkering. The integral barrels with 70 mm chambers are manufactured with different lengths and chokes according to the needs of the hunter and the type of hunt practised. The weight of the Poli Amber side-by-side does not exceed 77.6 oz / 2.2 kg in 28 gauge. Gun's price varies starting from 4000 euro for the basic model without sideplates up to 4500 for the version with long engraved sideplates.

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