Video: the secrets of hunting shotguns. What do the terms "monobloc barrels" and "demibloc/chopper lump barrels" mean?

Video: Fratelli Poli – Monobloc and demibloc/chopper lump shotgun barrels

The Fratelli Poli's workshop is a point of reference for the restoration of fine guns. In addition to the production of hunting guns, Poli brothers repair and recondition guns of the main brands and it can be said that during their career they have really seen everything, and even more. That's why we turned to them for a series of videos in which Antonio Poli explains the details and features of shotguns.

In today's video Antonio tells us about the difference between monobloc and chopper lump (or “demibloc”) barrel construction, showing us how they are actually made.

Waiting to be able to travel again and offer you new videos, we invite you to watch this new episode, and maybe to review the previous ones. Enjoy it!

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