Poli Amber 28 Extra: a jewel of class, lightness and elegance for small gauge shotguns lovers

Poli Amber 28 Extra details
The amazing elegance of the original all-black finish of the side plates and of all the hardware, enhancing the beauty of engravings and inlays of the new model Poli "Amber"

We are not talking about old hunting hide “tiny guns”, mostly characterized by cheap finishes. We are talking instead about shotguns that are identical in every way to the more "serious" and refined ones in larger gauges, only that they are all designed and chambered in 28 gauge down. 

Very functional, very effective, with an almost infinite range of use, with a wide range of ammunition in a constant challenge with the most difficult wild animals, and with the hunters themselves.

Tiziano and Antonio: Poli Brothers and the Amber series

the side-by-side Poli Amber 28 Extra 
New shotgun from Poli: When opened, the "Amber" immediately reveals its "full green" soul, thanks to its manual ejectors.

Among the most skilled master gunsmiths of Val Trompia, Italy, specializing in the manufacturing of classy custom smoothbore break-action firearms, Tiziano and Antonio Poli have practically immediately sized the opportunity starting their own small gauge gun production with immediate success.
Among the many series, the one called Amber is particularly appreciated. It includes side-by-side hammerless shotguns with integral barrels made from special steel joined to each other by a soldered dovetail. Receivers are steel, normally scaled to the caliber, with an excellent design between stock and body.
They all have English type, hand checkered ribs. The Amber comes standard with grade 3 or 4 woods, oil finished and hand checkered. You can have single or double trigger, while ejection is only manual. All engraving is by hand and chosen according to the customer's needs. The overall weight of these shotguns is never excessive, placing them at the top of the category in terms of portability and balance. These shotguns, like all those by the Poli brothers, are obviously tailor-made to the specific customer's needs in each gauge, being particularly appreciated in the so-called small gauges. Always giving life to guns featuring particularly graceful and elegant lines, with production times of about six months.

Technical details of the Poli Amber 28 Extra new entry in 2021

Machined from solid stock, the receiver features Anson locks, but is externally embellished with finely hand-engraved false side plates.The subjects and faithfully reproduced hunting scenes can vary according to the taste of the hunter who can personalize the gun in all aesthetic and technical details. In this case, we find amazing ornamental motifs that reproduce game animals in their environment with refined chromatic plays obtained through the use of different metals (including pure gold), enhancing the receiver's background surface, which is blued like all the hardware.

Full view of Poli Amber 28 Extra
Full view of the side-by-side Poli Amber 28 Extra.

Stock, weight and price of the Poli Shotgun "Amber"

The stock is always made to measure to suit the hunter, who receives a gun perfectly adapted to his/her personal body conformation. The fore-end in this model sports a "beavertail" design, in order to allow an effective grip even with small gauges without obstructing the sight line and protecting the barrels from contact with the hands acids. The wood used is grade 5 select walnut, oil-finished with a fine-pitch hand checkering.

The integral barrels with 2¾”/70 mm chamber have different lengths and chokes according to the needs of the hunter and the type of hunting they are intended for. Those of this 28 cal. Amber Extra are 28”/71 cm long with *** and * chokes. The weight of the Poli Amber shotgun never exceeds 77.6 oz/2.2 kg in 28 gauge. 

The price of the shotgun varies, starting from 4.000 euro for the basic model without side plates up to 4.500 euro for the version with long standard engraved plates, and then increases in proportion to the required finishing, the level of engraving and the materials that you want to be used to make it. 

For further information please visit the F.lli Poli website.

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