F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige De Luxe: the side-by-side for American hunters now also in small gauges

As its name suggests, the Iside Prestige De Luxe is designed as an aesthetically pleasing version in the F.A.I.R. Iside side-by-side line-up. Available in the larger 12 and 20 gauges, now it also comes in 16ga, 28ga and .410 bore.

Iside Prestige De Luxe details

The forged steel "round body" receiver is finished with an old silver chrome-plating on which we find triple-depth laser flower engravings and five gold-inlaid wild game figures. Engravings are different according to gauge and they all depict wild birds such as pheasants and bobwhites in walked-up hunting scenes – the type of hunting this gun is designed for. The Iside side-by-side is a light weight: notwithstanding the use of solid steel that ensures robustness, it weighs no more than 6.17 lb/2.8 kg, meaning that it is a gun easy to carry and swing.
Locks feature coil springs and hammers with a double safety notch, and an oversized cross locking bolt on double lugs. The long-stroke ejectors are automatic. The selective single trigger is gold finished; if you prefer, the shotgun is also available with the more classic double trigger.

The Iside Prestige De Luxe stock is worth of note, being made from superior quality European select walnut wood with the special High Gloss finish.

F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige De Luxe right side view
The Iside De Luxe side-by-side design is slender and well-balanced for an easy swing when hunting.

The English-style buttstock and forend feature a Scottish-type fine pitch checkering. The FAIR Iside Prestige De Luxe is therefore a very classic side-by-side in appearance, but this should not make us forget that it's a modern hunting gun built with the most modern technology. The barrels with 3"/76 mm "magnum" chamber are made from UM/7-HD40 steel and 28”/ 71 cm long. The chrome lining reduces leading, ensuring the gun's durability and accuracy over time. The possibility to mount the Technichoke Hunting XP50 internal chokes as an option is useful for hunters that use the same gun in different hunting situations. The kit provided includes five chokes and a key.
The FAIR Iside Prestige De Luxe is shipped with a plastic case and price is still to be determined.

F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige De Luxe specs

Iside Prestige De Luxe
12, 16, 20, 28, .410 bore
Side-by-side shotgun with X-Cones system and chrome lining
Barrels Length:
28"/71 cm
Technichoke Hunting XP50

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