F.A.I.R. Iside EM 28-ga side-by-side: the field test with pointing dogs

Perhaps because the first shotgun I approached shooting with was a 28-ga single barrel, among small gauges it is my favorite, light and performing at the right point, as pleasant to look at as it is safe and fun to use. We spent a day hunting and training in Umbria, Italy, on the grounds managed by G&G Hunting Service, where we knew we would surely find an adequate number of opportunities for young pointing dogs to learn and improve while working with more experienced ones. It was the ideal situation to use the Iside EM side-by-side that F.A.I.R. had delivered to me so that I could field test and report on its performance. Leaving room to the pictures to show the actions of that good day, let's look at some main specific features of this simple yet elegant firearm.

F.A.I.R. Iside EM side-by-side features

The 28-gauge F.A.I.R. Iside EM not only proved to be light and quick in swinging but also stable when fired using 30-g loads. 

The Iside EM shotgun is part of the successful series of shotguns that F.A.I.R. machines from solid forged steel, with integral round-body receiver. Available in all popular hunting gauges, from 12-ga to the smallest .410 bore, these double guns are made with scaled receivers and therefore proportioned to the gauge used. The very classic and sleek design of the gun features English-style stock and slim forend made from select European walnut wood and oil-finished. The trigger system is single selective or alternatively double, with a gold finished trigger. On the old silver chrome-plated receiver you can appreciate the 3D laser engravings that faithfully reproduce the flight of a woodcock on the receiver bottom and partridges in flight among floral motifs on the side plates. The shotgun is locked into battery with a double underbolt, while the  locks feature coil springs and hammers with a double half-mount system. The barrels in our case are 71 cm long – 68- and 76-cm lengths are also available – chrome lined to prevent lead residue buildup and ensure optimal performance and durability.

On the receiver bottom, the engravings of the F.A.I.R. Iside EM side-by-side faithfully reproduce a woodcock in flight. 

The internal geometry is the X-Cone type known for its smooth and elongated forcing cones that allow for a better concentration of patterns and good shot penetration even at medium ranges. The barrels are matched with a set of internal and interchangeable Technichoke Hunting XP50 chokes that allow the hunter to adapt the gun to different hunting situations and environments.

During our test, the shotgun fitted with a 4-star choke in the first barrel and a three-star choke in the second, which with Baschieri & Pellagri 30-g cartridges guarantees safe kills on pheasants and partridges at ranges between 15 and 30 meters, beyond which by personal choice I never want to push myself using small gauges, capable for this very reason of enhancing the pleasure of searching and hunting. The barrels feature 76-mm magnum chambers that allow the use of very diverse loadings. The elegant bluing of the barrels is bright black while the rib is concave with anti-reflective finish. With a well- balanced weight that does not exceed 2.8 kg, the grip provided by the checkering and a stock drop that although standard adapted perfectly to my anatomy, I can say that with the Iside double-barrel I spent a quite fun morning, full of real satisfactions. Enjoy the video.

For more information on the Iside EM side-by-side please visit the F.A.I.R. website.

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