Test and video: F.A.I.R. Jubilee Prestige 28-gauge over-and-under

The Jubilee Prestige over-and-under represents one of the classic and aesthetically most sought-after models of the F.A.I.R. production. Made in all major gauges from the largest 12-gauge to the smallest .410 bore, we had the opportunity to try it in the past in 16-gauge appreciating its characteristics when hunting. In this 2023 at the Valle Duppo range we tried the 28-gauge version, whose proportions and lightness make the shotgun even more appealing. In the company of Luca and Rebecca Rizzini we had the opportunity to evaluate the ballistic qualities of the Jubilee Prestige over-and-under during a skeet shooting session on the sporting course, therefore with targets at different speeds and distances. 

28-ga F.A.I.R. Jubilee Prestige over-and-under: features

The steel receiver of the Jubilee Prestige over-and-under is available in Old Silver and Tortoise Gold versions with engraved and gold-inlaid game. 

Recognizable by the long side plates embellished by gold deep laser engravings, this over-and-under is also distinguished by its solidity and effectiveness, thanks to the receiver machined from solid steel billets, scaled to the different gauges. The two available finishes are old silver and the distinctive Tartaruga Gold finish, with subjects engraved at triple depth and gold inlaid along the side plates and in the receiver's bottom.

The trigger golden finish recalls the gold engravings. The barrels with special F.A.I.R. X-Cones geometry provide smooth, elongated forcing cones, capable of ensuring fast, well-distributed patterns even at medium ranges. Chokes can be either fixed or interchangeable at the hunter's choice, thanks to the Tecnichoke set. Available barrel lengths are 68, 71 and 76 cm and allow the shotgun's performance to be enjoyed in a variety of hunting situations.

In the over-and-under used during our test, the 71-cm long barrels with standard 21-grain 28-gauge shotshell proved to achieve precise and neat clay target hits up to distances over 30 meters. Swing speed is among the qualities immediately appreciable in the shotgun, which is very well-balanced and streamlined, which facilitate quick and instinctive aiming.

The F.A.I.R. Jubilee Prestige over-and-under is available in all major gauges, from the largest 12-gauge to the smallest .410 bore. 

Trigger is single selective, but a more classic double trigger version is available on request. Cartridge shell ejection is automatic. The Prince of Wales-style stock and Schnabel forend are select walnut and oil-finished, nicely matching the color case hardened finish of the receiver. The weight of the over-and-under in 28 gauge is standard, around 2.8 kg, increasing to 3.1 kg in 12 gauge – weights that allow for a good handling of the gun, which is stable even in quick follow-up shots. Overall, wielding the Jubilee Prestige gives the feeling and awareness of a solid and reliable gun to take hunting, but at the same time of recognizable aesthetic value. The range of the F.A.I.R. Jubilee Prestige over-and-unders is developed on different finish levels that may also include custom handmade engravings, which is why the price of the over-and-under varies on the hunter's requests, as Rebecca Rizzini accurately reminds us in the video.

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