F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige Tartaruga Gold 28 ga side-by-side

We had appreciated the elegance and lightness of the new F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige side-by-side shotgun by holding it for the first time at the Nuremberg fair, when it was presented to hunters. Now we also know its ballistic performance, having tested it on the clays of the Valle Duppo sporting course in the company of Luca Rizzini, the company manager. It was already manufactured in 12 and 20 gauges, but in this 2019 came the 28 ga version, which enhances even more the streamlined lines, the engraving details and the gun's handiness. The color case hardened receiver, machined from solid steel blocks, sports gold-inlaid wild birds in flight on the fake side plates with fine color hues and deep details. The laser-engraved partridges and the woodcock on the receiver bottom refer to walking hunts with pointing dogs, for which this gun is particularly suited, also considering its low weight that does not exceed 91.7 oz / 2.6 kg. The dimensions of the rounded receiver are well-proportioned in relation to the gauge.
The shotgun features a selective single trigger with a golden trigger blade, also available in the double trigger version on hunter's request. For even more flexibility, the blued barrels with anti-flare finish – in our case 28” / 71 cm long – are also available in a 26 ¾” / 68 cm version with fixed or internal and interchangeable chokes. The English stock and forend of the Iside Prestige side-by-side are selected European walnut and oil finished. On request, you can have a pistol stock or a Prince of Wales stock. The Scottish laser checkering features a fine pitch and double grip pattern.

F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige Tartaruga Gold receiver
A detail of the receiver with its rounded lines, well-proportioned in relation to the gauge. 

F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige: the sporting clays course test and firing sensations

Our familiarity with the new gun when shooting crossing or overhead clays on the sporting course was immediate. The concave rib undoubtedly helps quick and instinctive aiming by providing a clear view of the target in flight. The forend, although thin, allows for a firm grip without having to touch the barrels with the risk of disrupting the line of sight, as can often happen with small gauge shotguns. Using 24 grams medium weight Sporting cartridges with lead number 7.5 pellets we engaged targets at even greater ranges than those usual when hunting with pointing dogs, breaking clays beyond 25 meters without any problem. Recoil can' t be considered pronounced, also because the test took place with numerous shots in a rapid and prolonged session – an absolutely unusual situation when hunting.

In conclusion, the F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige Tortoise Gold side-by-side must be considered an absolutely pleasant shotgun both when shooting and to the eye. With its two barrel lengths, it's well suited to the typical use of small gauges – i.e. hunting small migratory birds. In the version with 71 cm barrels, a double trigger could also be useful. With 68 cm barrels it is the ideal gun for walking hunts, where its 91.7 oz / 2.6 kg will help the hunter not to tire during the hard days of walking, still wielding a reliable gun at the moment of shooting.

Video: F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige Tartaruga Gold in 28 ga test firing

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