Derya N-100: presentation and first impression of the very compact auto-loading shotgun from Derya Arms in bullpup design

The bullpup design of the Derya N-100 semi-automatic shotgun from Deray Arms has a relatively long barrel of 50 centimeters despite its very short overall length of only around 80 centimeters. However, the center of gravity of such a gun is also extremely far back. The somewhat "tail-heavy" firearm is naturally more prone to high recoil during firing than a conventional long gun, where the center of gravity is correspondingly further forward. Nevertheless, the Derya N-100 is a very short, compact and also user-friendly shotgun, which is on the same quality level as the MK-12-IPSC shotgun from Derya that we already tested.

The Derya N-100 uses mainly polymer and aluminum components. 

For the heavily stressed parts, Derya Arms relies on steel as the material of choice for the Derya N-100 SL shotgun

The highly stressed parts, such as the barrel and bolt set up for the 12/76 gauge, are of course made of steel. The manufacturer mills the receiver from an aluminum block and gives it a hard anodizing finish. This, of course, in the same matte black color that the plastic and most of the steel parts of the gun have. The relevant parts of the gas system are also made of steel, including the second gas piston already supplied, which is specially designed for firing more powerful 12/76 Magnum cartridges. The ammunition supply here is provided by curved box magazines that can hold either 2, 5 or 10 12-gauge cartridges. One magazine is already included in each of these capacities. Likewise, Derya also ships the N-100 with a total of three interchangeable chokes (cylinder, full and ½-choke). The ventilated forend is made of black polymer and offers a Picatinny rail extending over the entire top as well as a short Pic rail on its right side. The N-100 is factory equipped with flip-up sights on the top rail. 

As standard, Derya Arms supplies the N-100 shotgun with a flip-up sights.
The buttstock of the Derya N-100 can be adjusted in length thanks to spacer inserts. The height of the cheek rest can also be adjusted.

The easy-grip polymer insert on the underside of the forend can be made into an interface for a forehand grip, for example, using a short Picatinny rail with an included replacement part. The buttstock can be adjusted in length by around 3.5 centimeters thanks to spacers. In addition, a cheek rest that can be adjusted in height ensures that there should be no problems with head posture when aiming, even when using target sights instead of the original folding sights. The dust cover, as well as the bolt catch and magazine release are strongly reminiscent of the corresponding components of an AR-15. The lever of the two-position safety, which can be operated from both sides, could also do its job on an AR model. In total, the Derya N-100 weighs around 3.5 kilos.

The bolt catch and some other components, such as the dust cover and the safety lever, reveal that Derya Arms also drew some inspiration from the AR-15 when designing the Derya N-100 bullpup shotgun.

Our first practical impression of the short Derya N-100 Bullpup

The Derya N-100 makes quite a solid and durable impression despite the many polymer parts. The auto-loading shotgun shoots more pleasantly than expected and can still be controlled well at any time during firing. In view of the rich scope of delivery, the price of 699 euros (price may be different in your country – check you local retailers) seems to us to be more than fair. 

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